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  1. I can't find games in v7's playlist. Anyone else having this issue? I've found ~4 games, and been kicked for 'inactivity' countless times.
  2. The main hangup I have with fortnite is how the weapons feel/handle. Controls just feel a tad sloppy when compared to pubg. Also grown incredibly fond of the FPP servers as far as positioning/gunfights go. A lot less bullshit peeks without sacrificing possible exposure.
  3. With that sweet 'loominati branding, I'd have to agree. kappa
  4. Spartan's railgun is OP Also, that ninja on snipedown, haha. Just zooms in on his tag afterwards.
  5. Stoked to see Naded's growth in the near future. Hope FS and Maniac are willing to grind.
  6. He's going to post an update vlog about his situation, clearly considering a move to Optic Gaming.
  7. believe it's linked a few pages back, iirc. Included with the chant links.
  8. Cool to see, and not too terribly surprising. They made friends with a number of halo pros during the Ghosts champs grind.
  9. With the earlier rounds they had, I could see something like that happening.
  10. IIRC, Optic could forfeit them/take the win, but chose to be good sports and replay instead. Not sure how this'll go down, haha. You'll likely have time to hop into flamesword's stream and catch the results.
  11. Legends had a player lag out/drop. Optic agreed to replay, however, MLG appears to have officially given Optic the win. They're currently sorting it out.
  12. Haven't actually followed the brackets. Are these the semifinals?
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