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  1. The thing is, they have shifted from a Halo-centric site to a Console FPS site.
  2. Well, I'm going to get pooped on, but I'll be working enough to afford the console and hopefully some sweet collectors edition of the game or something. I need a chief statue in my life.
  3. Because of the fast kill times it's important to note that a team needs to excel at communicating and map awareness so they maintain control an are able to make plays. I agree, halo takes more skill, but CoD has some things going for it.
  4. I know people weren't fond of Gemini, but that level would look gorgeous on the new engine.
  5. 1080p and 60fps doesn't mean they're getting a major graphical overhaul. The resolution is simply being upscaled to run in native 1080p and 60fps for smooth gameplay, without tearing/pixelation on modern televisions.
  6. For sure Halo 2, loved the maps and gameplay! Probably some Halo 3, and really wanting to try and learn CE, seeing as how when the game came out I was just a wee lad. 1v1s on CE against a few good friends could make for one hell of a time. Same for 2v2s. Just looking forward to good halo again
  7. Frank's face when ranks got brought up was funny. He sunk his head, looked at the ground and smirked.
  8. Absolutely, I want clans and that sweet, sweet h2 emblem customization. God i'm a sucker for dolling up a spartan. no homo.
  9. I mean... H4 will still be dead. CE-3 should all have decent populations, and I'd imagine H2 with the largest.
  10. True, I'm not raging about it or anything, but I would've preferred it be left out. He asked, I answered, haha.
  11. grenade indicators on the remastered H2 Ascension gameplay.
  12. Poor idea, people will have their preferences, but we all just want to watch a competitive Halo. Halo 2 (IMO) fills that void, but I could see smaller matches being streamed in downtime. Think more or less like CoD's all-star matches, but CE 2v2s or something along the lines of that. Rotating between the series would be a fuss and not really worth it.
  13. I could be hanging out with a group of like 5-10 good friends or so, and all it'd take is one person I don't know or feel comfortable around to entirely shut me down. I'll just end up sitting on my phone or become extremely silent. It's the worst, because I know I react that way, but I can't seem to not do just that. :bravo: Just curious, what're you working on to fix it?
  14. So... Anyone set an alarm to wake Ghost? We'll need him for E3.
  15. I do the same whenever I'm in a social situation. Y'know, ever. Social anxiety for the muhfuggin win!
  16. I lost count on the capra demon, had really good luck with the Gaping Dragon and beat it first try, then despised blight town, the area right after that. Easily one of the most dreadful places to play through out of all the souls games. The only other one that comes to mid was world 5 in Demon's Souls, which had a similar poison theme.
  17. The capra demon gave me so much trouble as a dexterity build, haha. I had high stamina, but low poise and stats to only use smaller shields. Dogs would break my guard so fast and then I'd just get smashed. I made it through maybe 2 areas beyond where you are and then rage quit the game. Lost 50k souls from a boss fight, couldn't find a bonfire, and had been petrified and had my health permanently halved and I couldn't get back to the merchant that sold the cure. That's when I gave up, haha. I've been meaning to try and beat it, but the game is synonymous with rage for me.
  18. What type of build are you playing as? Also, let me know once you get to the Capra Demon :maven:
  19. Be honest, deep down you knew the game was likely stuck in development hell.
  20. Man, I remember hitting 25 in snipers, and after that It was being standby-ed and modded over and over again. Halo 2 had such a huge issue with cheaters.
  21. I was considering doing that, haha. I'm interested in an Xbox One, I just need a game (H2a) to push me over the edge and make the purchase. On top of that, my Astros have a wire that I can't replace that is getting finicky and cuts my mic on and off when it sways. The newer A40s have a removable cord, which should fix the issue. I believe it stemmed from me stand up or something and snagging the cord over the years. Anyways, i'm getting off topic, but I hope they bring back the OD Green BXR edition A40s. Things were beautiful
  22. Has the xbox one's party chat and UI been updated? Honestly, if they do a Halo xbox 1 bundle, i'd be seriously interested in buying one. Just heard the interface is poor.

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