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  1. Didn't :ghost: decline the NS option from Quin in H4?
  2. Absolutely, he's an upbeat and quirky guy. Him and Gandhi/Goldenboy always do a great job casting.
  3. For selfish reasons I hope he's still able to maintain his active uploading on YouTube. Also, is Maven sticking around to cast CoD?
  4. I wish they would've reached out to more people and done teams of 4. Heinz, APG, Ola, Snakebite Ace, Snipedown, Gandhi, Legion KYR, Jahova, Royal 2, 2gre. Mix and match however you want, a 4v4 tourney would've been much better. Regardless I'll be watching. Should be relatively entertaining.
  5. I'd like to ask that you donate $25,000 to UGC's January Halo 2 LAN event. Whatever it takes, right?
  6. I can dig it, even though I'd like to know what's going on, haha.
  7. More or less what seals it for me is 4v4 settings, and them mentioning all of the types of water. Hey, I could be wrong, but that's what i'm going with.
  8. Sanctuary all but confirmed for me. one of the 4v4 maps playable is unanounced.
  9. Props for taking on and finishing so many projects. Been great filler, and a decent amount of footage over these past couple weeks.
  10. Got it working myself: the funky chickn And my friend is pilar of autunm We're noobs, but looking for someone to host.
  11. Looking forward to the podcast! Always great to hear cT's input, unreal how much he knows about Halo.
  12. Started to get bummed out as the credits began to roll... I miss Halo tournaments, and all the good times i've had on xbox live.
  13. Can't imagine Neighbor would return, but I guess if he is simply gameplay testing, why not?
  14. I'd be so salty from getting teabagged. Local play brings out the absolute worst in me, haha.
  15. I miss dropping down on people from the attic on terminal... good times, man. Good times.
  16. loved snipers and CTF on that map. Loved the structure's design.
  17. Buddha Crane blew my mind in H3 with his puzzle maps, man. Played a lot of tower of power, paintball and dodge ball in H2. And zombies on map you could jump out of (w/ the crates. Can't recall ATM). H3 was a lot of duck hunt, jenga, demolition derby, fat kid, and keep away. Oh and can't forget role playing cops and robbers with a group of 10 year olds. /s
  18. Indeed, it has come to consoles. I realized the core community is on PC though, but I myself have an old laptop that I use for browing the internet and whatnot. Not really looking to buy a new computer to play CS though, haha.
  19. I'd take a gander that he streams H3 with some regularity, since he has a twitch channel linked below his avatar.
  20. are you playing CS GO on computer, or Xbox/PS3? Just curious, is there much of a population on the console versions?
  21. Appreciate it, amigo. Saving that link, very helpful!
  22. Not really the place, but is there a quick reload glitch? Trying to get up to date on all of these old tricks, haha.

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