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  1. there's no chance that they'd waste time and money making maps for H2A when they could make more money creating content for H5
  2. you're out of your mind if you think this is actually going to happen
  3. Will start with stating that I'm drunk. I didn't read the entire thing thoroughly, I did scum through it, but I would have to agree with what all you said.
  4. In my opinion we won't really need to rally. Once the server and bug issues are fixed the spawns should be changed almost immediately. I know most pros expressed frustration to them about it so at the least the spawns will be changed in the HCS playlist
  5. There's a difference in adapting and just playing a bad game. Adapting was making the switch from H2 to H3. The further 343 gets away from the core mechanics, the worse the franchise gets. Until AW, the core mechanics of CoD remained relatively the same from CoD4-Ghosts. As did CE-H3. CoD didn't become the sole flagship game until Reach was released. It was always rivaled by Halo. When the chips were down, the sole called die hard halo fans began to eat each other (Yes, I am using a dark knight reference). Innovation is not needed. Change is needed, revolutionizing a game is not. This may be a bad analogy but professional sports have remained popular for so long because the game never changes. Little adjustments are made but the entirety of the game never has. This is something game developers should make note of when you try to make a sequel to a successful competitive game. And don't say people will get tired of playing the same game year after year because how many people watch football on weekends year after year? How many people play football from pee wee through high school? They may grow physically as players but don't we grow mentally as players? I've played Halo consistently from 2006-present and still learn new things about the game everyday and from my mistakes. Adapting to a completely different game is not something needs to be done. Core mechanics is the key. 343 has to go back to the roots in order to succeed. Pushing that ideology is the only thing that can save Halo at this point. If the next CoD installments contain these exo gear movements again, they'll be saying the same thing. Edit: Sorry for the long off topic rant. Ritalin has a tendency to do that to me sometimes
  6. My optimistic point of view: Halo 5: Give it a chance My pessimistic point of view: Halo 5: The death of the franchise My real view: Halo 5: We still got MCC to fall back on tho
  7. I've been playing mostly H2C as well but the little I've played H2A I find that I die extremely fast. Maybe it's just from playing warlock most of the time. Interested to see what everyone else thinks.
  8. Is it just me or is it extremely easy to 4 shot someone in H2A? I just feel like I die and kill so fast on H2A, anyone else notice this?
  9. I'd like to see a camera in one of the corners, so if the kinect is hooked up it'll show the player. One thing I always really liked was being able to see the player while he played
  10. Columbus always gets a good turn out so I expect this to be a solid event. But with the early matchmaking issues I can't help but think the other events may not turn out as well. On topic, StK or CLG is going to take this one in my opinion
  11. If only we had 1 more map. If you asked me, I want to see Beaver Creek
  12. Agreed, I was only 8 when H2 came out and didn't have xbox live, but I must say in the 10 or so of games I've been able to play I've never had more fun with a game before.
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