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  1. Haven't been super active on the forum the last year but I'm not used to seeing non-shit posts by you. Just when you think you know a guy...
  2. Says the guy who searches 1v1 and then quits out after going down 4 frags and finding out he was losing to mouse and keyboard. If you spent more time practicing instead of raging you might actually get better.
  3. That mod looks sick! Gonna have to get into some of those games.
  4. I love that halo 4 is stuck in the Social Crossplay list. I hope this is a sign from 343 that they understand that halo we want (not holding my breath).
  5. Might be in the minority around here but I'm fairly excited for BO4. Typically COD multiplayer trailers are super gimmicky. The "idea" of having to actively heal and learn spray control sounds promising. BR mode was expected. Lets hope it isn't terrible.
  6. It seems like adding LAN support to MCC might be a hint to some tournaments possibly? One can dream they'll do h2/h3 but I'd settle for some h2a. H5 feels incredibly stale at this point.
  7. I really don't know if I can wait till E3 for any new Halo game news... Hope they don't make us wait 3 months before teasing/revealing the new game.
  8. Finally caught up on 100+ pages! MLG has me hyped up for Halo's future. Excited for all the upcoming events! I attempted playing h5 for the first time in months...Didn't even last a game. Halo 6 really can't come soon enough.
  9. This really got to me man. I wish you the best and hope 343 realizes how petty they are being.
  10. I was able to find it all in the store. This whole 30 fps thing is gonna take some getting used to... played a couple games in the MLG playlist and couldn't snipe to save my life lol
  11. I think it's worth adding that back in 07 PC wasn't quite as large as it is now. Games like LoL, H1Z1, CSGO are huge and I know a ton of people that switched from halo to PC gaming. Also most of those people still own an Xbox one, they just don't use it like they did the360. Now to add to MultiLocks point; If halo 6 launched perfectly(all features like h3) and is playable completely on PC and Xbone I could see it closing in on H3 numbers. The boost from summit alone would be huge.
  12. H1 - 9 H2 - 7 H3 - 7 Reach - 4 Reach v7 - 6 H4 - 2 H5 - 6
  13. Once again, my game randomly crashes mid battle and now I'm banned for 24hrs. I'm all about quit penalties but none of the "quits" I have are me leaving, it's all the game crashing. Pretty soon I'll be banned for life. I've tried reaching out to @@Bravo and Halo but to no avail... Frustrating. Have it all on Xbox DVR too.
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