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  1. Just me or is the out of game audio out of sync? Not by much, just enough for me to notice it, could just be me though.
  2. https://www.twitter.com/Snip3down/status/1159191431736680448 Snip3down not only got second place, but also totaled most kills throughout the weekend. Which is a very Snip3down thing to do.
  3. Doubt it's a lump sum and more a multi-year contract. Wonder if he'll appear on Inside Xbox to further push him going to mixer. I hope they don't because only reason I watch that is for new info about games & game pass(and previously Back Compat. RIP), everything else is time consuming padding to me.
  4. With duplicate gamertag names now being a thing, I'd expect to see teams, all with the same name, using it to confuse the other team. "Ola's one shot" while there's 3 Ola's that aren't one shot.
  5. John Carmack is probably the best guy for that, he really disliked showing off pictures of iD's games because "anybody can make a picture look good," and really only wanted to show gameplay. A shame he's at Oculus now.
  6. Looks like Infinite has leaked as a holiday 2020 release.
  7. Loved it except for... The titans, lol. Still love the game, and like it more than all CoD's I've played.
  8. https://smash.gg/tournament/halo-at-dreamhack-dallas/events
  9. Halo and a 20+ minutes countdown at the promised start time, name a more iconic duo.
  10. Worth mentioning I think since I'd believe MCC on PC will be on Game Pass for Windows: If you're an xbox insider with a certain amount of points and in one of the inner rings(I'm beta ring), you can purchase Game Pass Ultimate for 1 single buck, and when you do it converts the months from your Gold membership & Game Pass into Game Pass Ultimate months. So if you had for example 10 months of Gold, and 2 of Game Pass, you now have 12 months of Game Pass Ultimate instead. In case you don't know what Game Pass Ultimate is, it's a subscription which includes Gold(subscription notes Gold as "Free Games", so maybe this marks the end of needing Gold to play online on Xbox?), Game Pass for Xbox, & Game Pass for Windows in one package.
  11. If this is real, I'm out. It has been a good run, lads.
  12. Never heard of him before, but picture reminded me of Liev Schreiber, then read the text and saw that he was a Schreiber, turns out they're half-brothers.
  13. Such a shame he's discontinuing the channel because of the lack of viewership.
  14. Also played with aPG, Destin, & Aries and placed top 12 at one H3 event.
  15. Or if you use fil then you pour the cereals after the fil so it takes forever to get soggy.
  16. Well, there's 30 passes left, assuming it's 64 total; 34. Edit: https://gamersforgiving.org/2019/01/24/expanding-halo-prize-pool-donation/ 64 total, so 34 sold. GFG 2015 had 38 teams FYI.

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