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  1. Never heard of him before, but picture reminded me of Liev Schreiber, then read the text and saw that he was a Schreiber, turns out they're half-brothers.
  2. Such a shame he's discontinuing the channel because of the lack of viewership.
  3. Also played with aPG, Destin, & Aries and placed top 12 at one H3 event.
  4. Or if you use fil then you pour the cereals after the fil so it takes forever to get soggy.
  5. Well, there's 30 passes left, assuming it's 64 total; 34. Edit: https://gamersforgiving.org/2019/01/24/expanding-halo-prize-pool-donation/ 64 total, so 34 sold. GFG 2015 had 38 teams FYI.
  6. Because proper modding support could be a lot of work if your game isn't built with it in mind.
  7. "If you can't find one you've gotta find two, but Frosty finds three." ...What?
  8. I didn't know you could organize a photo session inside a jail cell.
  9. That's a very weird metaphor. Reason you don't move the queen is because it's your second most valuable piece after the king, you don't want to lose it. If chess was all queens but you'd have the option to swap them out to another type you wouldn't do it. While in HCE your least valuable weapon is the magnum, so you're totally ok with losing it.
  10. Good to see you guys lurking in the shadows awaiting for a moment to do what you do.
  11. Love Walsh's enthusiasm towards finding out about new H2C tricks.
  12. Well, that's your problem, then. Only thing that wouldn't be retreading the same ground would be to just have no Halo at all. But that wouldn't be very successful. And even if you're ok with retreading the same ground if it's with another Halo game then I doubt that would be more successful at drawing viewership than this, either.
  13. As long as I get to watch what I enjoy I'm happy. Even if I was the only Berserk fan and it had no other fans(or people hated it) I'd still be happy having read it, and would eagerly await new chapters(pls Miura, stop playing Idolmaster).

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