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  1. One button is for pinging, right? There was pinging in the gameplay, which did the usual scanning expanding wave, but it didn't seem to do anything other than that effect.
  2. 144 fps is common because 144hz monitors are common. As for why they went with 144hz monitors there's probably a good reason for it like edging out the competition(at first), highest multiple of 24 they could get while keeping it cost effective and improving other areas, etc.
  3. Looking up CoD teams, there's a certain Huke fellow on Shotzzy's team too...
  4. View them as two seperate entities. The small MCC cleanup crew is doing some real good shit.
  5. Or you play as an ODST with lower shields(or stamina as they called it), and non-regenerating health. So you need medkits, but if your shield/stamina have recharged you can't be one shot by a single AR bullet.
  6. And are also adding the ODST specific weapons into H3.
  7. Just putting the H2 BR in H3 would do wonders. Map variety, and pool is another part considering the ones that are in pro settings are mostly pretty similar in structure. The weapon sandbox could use a tweak too.
  8. There'll be microtransactions. As for "will not include real-money loot boxes", that could mean you buy currency and tada, the loot boxes are bought with our made up currency that isn't basically your real money, no shut up. Just under a year ago they were hiring for a Live Design Lead, who would focus on "AAA Player Investment Experience"(which includes microtransactions).
  9. There's lots of salvagable parts of the company, but the leadership really needs a major shakeup. It's a shame Fergusson headed to Blizzard because I think he'd be a great candidate to replace Ross.
  10. So, it's a good metaphor for 343i's Halo's, too.
  11. Have you ever wondered what the meaning of a hexagonal chair would be?
  12. Ehh, there's some big reasons towards not making smart AI, and making them smarter can have several effects, one of which is they feel simple(aka. "Dumb") because they go the logical route. Another reason is the player will feel like it cheats. Take RTS' for example, lets say you have an airstrike which you can launch at any spot not in the fog of war, so you use your scout with max visibility range to.... Scout, to see the player's units and call in an airstrike on them. Player goes "wtf! This AI cheats!" As the player just got attacked by an invisible foe. Which leads into: make it fun, not smart. You can make a great fun AI to play against, and there'll be a lot of players exclaiming "this AI is so smart!" While, really, it's dumb as a rock.
  13. EA deserve major props for their EA Originals program as the only influence they seemingly have towards the games is funding them(and IIRC don't they also offer help if wanted? Or am I misremembering?). I have to say, however, going by that list that it looks like the contract might include an EA Access clause as every title developed under the program has gone into the vault within 9 months of release. So that's how they "get back what they spent." Xbox should think about doing something similar, if they aren't already.
  14. As far as AAA goes, the latest one to feature it: DOOM Eternal. There's nothing like grappling to a demon and at the end shotgunning it in the mouth.
  15. Infinite kind of looks like Destiny, & Reach had a kid with some injections from current trends(grappling hook, etc.). I have to say though, this implementation of grappling hook is the worst I've seen in a modern game by a fair margin. I wonder what the hell your spartan is doing with his/her right arm while grappling to something which disables your ability to shoot. Will be fun to see the animation in third person as there's no way it doesn't look stiff.
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