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  1. With duplicate gamertag names now being a thing, I'd expect to see teams, all with the same name, using it to confuse the other team. "Ola's one shot" while there's 3 Ola's that aren't one shot.
  2. John Carmack is probably the best guy for that, he really disliked showing off pictures of iD's games because "anybody can make a picture look good," and really only wanted to show gameplay. A shame he's at Oculus now.
  3. Looks like Infinite has leaked as a holiday 2020 release.
  4. Loved it except for... The titans, lol. Still love the game, and like it more than all CoD's I've played.
  5. https://smash.gg/tournament/halo-at-dreamhack-dallas/events
  6. Halo and a 20+ minutes countdown at the promised start time, name a more iconic duo.
  7. Worth mentioning I think since I'd believe MCC on PC will be on Game Pass for Windows: If you're an xbox insider with a certain amount of points and in one of the inner rings(I'm beta ring), you can purchase Game Pass Ultimate for 1 single buck, and when you do it converts the months from your Gold membership & Game Pass into Game Pass Ultimate months. So if you had for example 10 months of Gold, and 2 of Game Pass, you now have 12 months of Game Pass Ultimate instead. In case you don't know what Game Pass Ultimate is, it's a subscription which includes Gold(subscription notes Gold as "Free Games", so maybe this marks the end of needing Gold to play online on Xbox?), Game Pass for Xbox, & Game Pass for Windows in one package.
  8. If this is real, I'm out. It has been a good run, lads.

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