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  1. Usually just a lurker, but I just have to say that the Naded + Danoxide combo is the funniest duo of players I've ever seen. Anytime I watch those two together I burst out laughing at all the random noises and phrases that show up. I'm really glad those two are sticking together as a team of 2.
  2. I love the RoyBox combo, their constant trash talk to each other is hilarious.
  3. I remember when Ola was this quiet kid on TD in 09 Then 2010 came around and he realized he was the shit and started getting way louder. Ever since, his trash talk has gotten louder and louder. Never realized he had such a temper though. "I've never put my dick in somebody so fucking deep!" <--- Pistola trash talk of the century
  4. If TeamRanda holds up at a LAN event S2 is going to be awesome with new breakout stars placing high. EG to still win though. And after watching Cloud 9 scrim (I know it's early) I don't know if this team is going to do well or not, it really all depends on Fis and Victory because I have no doubts about Pistola and Hysteria's ability.
  5. So C9 is pretty much 3/4 of the 2010 Final Boss + Hysteria. If this team gels well and Pistola is the wizard we know and love, they could definitely compete for top 2. Noble Black breaking up is a real shame. I Can't say that Maniac is the player that will push Optic Halo to a Championship win. APG to Denial is awesome though
  6. If Ola comes back in top form on C9, then C9 to break into the Top 2
  7. Snipers and Rumble Pit just got added into the game's playlists, hopefully, that means the update should be coming out soon.
  8. Finally got a game of Sandtrap CTF that didn't crash, didn't lag and had pretty balanced teams. Most fun I've had on MCC in awhile for about 7 minutes until the game ended.
  9. Halo 5 is just SOOOOOO FUCKIIIIING SLOOOOOOOOW DUDE Anyone who advocates for AR starts is just . . . insane. They clearly have no idea what kind of torture they're asking for if they genuinely want such a thing. I once saw an argument where someone said that AR starts would reduce spawn killing. This is horribly wrong for so many reasons that I can never take Waypoint seriously ever again. As for the guy who said Halo 5 is the most exciting Arena Shooter in the last decade, that's just unbelievable that he would actually say that.
  10. This game reminded me of how broken and garbage it is just now. Searching with another person? Game works relatively well. Searching with two of my online friends in a party of 3 though? THE GAME CAN'T HANDLE IT. One game works and then error after error after error and we can't even play at all now together as a group. The game crashes in the lobby every single time and it's the most frustrating thing in the world cuz all we wanna do is PLAY.
  11. And the funny thing is, despite everything you guys have said about losing all hope in Halo and all the venting I've seen these last few pages, 343 still thinks they're Halo's Competitive saving grace because they're so out of touch.
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