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  1. So I've been wondering how to obtain the loading screen in Halo 3 for the longest time (the one where the pixels load up into an actual Halo). I came across this thread as it seems like there is some work here to compile artifacts across the games, but they seem to primarily be sounds and images. Would you guys happen to know the tools that could extract this? I'm happy to do it myself - just curious as to whether I can adapt the approach you guys are taking here to something like a video. I thought about using Elgato or some game capture, but was wondering if there is a source file in the game downloads I can pull down (or where I could look for the video clip like this). Thanks for any feedback.
  2. Anyone can talk passion, heart, family, love. End of the day, still running a business - calling yourself CEO / Owner at the end of the day, moving around dollars. $20 million and $10 million franchise spots, $300k average team salaries today aren't chump change by any means, things were bound to change. Part of the process of expanding the "eSports" footprint to be considered as an actual sport at scale. You're not going to keep your money in your personal stocks / retirement funds when they're consistently losing you money even after diversification. Even if they're a company that's changing the world. The Halo franchise has been on a downtrend for too long - being blunt, it's not particularly changing anytime soon, and if it is, it has a ways to go to keep up with the other names in the competitive scene. Things are moving very quickly in competitive gaming now. 1-2 years and you're basically grasping at life support (e.g. H1Z1). Sucks either way given this is the best team H5 has seen, but just people on both sides making practical, sensible decisions. I don't think Hecz "sold out". You would do the same if you looked at the mirror. An extremely attractive buyout valuation on one side, a need to continue operating a business on the other. Life is short.
  3. Rocket League is really a PC game, and shouldn't be compared to a console exclusive (two strikes) that is Halo. Neither should CSGO (PC) or COD be used as a comparison, though for COD that's the closest proxy as a console-first competitive shooter. That said, the venue choice is yet another lazy decision and does not reflect a World Championship. If Wembley could be secured for a regional, then it should have been used as the Finals first (and the event planning should have adjusted around that). Not even a place in 343's backyard - Benaroya Hall - could be booked? Disappointing. On the other hand, if HWC was at a decent 1,000+ capacity venue, but the cost for the weekend was $1,000+, how many people would truthfully still consider attending? I've been reading a lot of strongly worded replies about cost, but would there REALLY be an audience for it (even if there was ample time in advance to put this event on people's calendars)? I'm inclined to think not enough people regardless. Yes, I know Columbus is effectively the mecca of Halo, but I have a hard time seeing ESL advertising a World Finals there.
  4. Agree. I think a lot of people (including some pros) still don't grasp the amount of resources it takes to run live events, or take it for granted instead. It's not terribly difficult to wake up in hotels, drop by to play their matches, collect their winnings, and afterparty. The planning, equipment / venue setup, and money that go into these events - I'd consider the people behind the scenes to be the true MVPs here. Just because MLG is the standard doesn't mean that it's easy for anyone else to pull off. Spreadsheets, making calls, setting alarms, emails, negotiations, logistical shit. However, I think if ESL wants to be alpha they should be willing to throw more weight ($$$) around... hopefully 2016 going into 2017 will have some additional steps. Which makes the average Joes (pun intended I guess?) who put up the funds and time to host these events even more incredible. I think equally faulted should be 343 and Microsoft as well for implementing the design choices they have. We know the LAN restrictions are awful. One other design choice that still amazes me was the lack of split screen support. If anything, these two decisions really killed a lot of the momentum Halo has been working on, especially since it's always been pitted as a Microsoft / Xbox-only exclusive. Looking back, would split screen have retained a higher audience than 1080p 60fps, all else equal? On seeding, what if it were 1-2-3-4 in an upper bracket, 5-6-7-8 in lower bracket, where 7-8 would play single elim BO5 (or some variant) with top 2 AM. Winners of those play 5-6 in single elim, with 2 LB winners inserted into UB, which then becomes double elim. 2 LB winners vs 3-4. 1-2 gets an extra bye (and added incentive from pro league success, one less stage for fluke loss). Yes, the lowest seeds have to play arguably the most games, but it also provides upside opportunity for a streaky run (which does happen in Halo) while allowing for downside protection from the leaders.
  5. Probably Optic Gaming in 1st. Lethul has made a career of destroying god squads i.e., Instinct, EG, now CLG. Next?
  6. I don't hate Maniac but the dude better be treating Formal to dinner every other day, if Matt Piper didn't decide to go with him for the MCC Invitational there is no chance in hell Maniac would've gotten to where he currently is in the Halo scene on Optic.
  7. Tough news, but thanks anyway, appreciate it. Unfortunately I think I might need to work on inflating my ego a bit more or become a bigger sellout before I can fit in it
  8. Hopefully this side question is ok to post, but does anyone have these purple shirts in the gif available in inventory or stock for purchase somewhere? If you have a M of this Twitch Halo MC shirt I would like to purchase one from you (I understand it's probably limited, so am willing to pay a good price for it).
  9. Seeing these casters for the grand finals .... people grow up fast!
  10. "Excessively early hour" Not to sound overly douche-y but that's a pretty lazy and shitty attitude from their staff LOL clearly tells me that these are the kind of people that don't know what it takes / don't "get it" to "make it work" in a professional setting. The kind of people who are really working just to be there and dip out for vacations and expect someone else to pick up the work or just leave it on the desk. Haha GFY if you need to work a 24-36 hour bender you make it work ... it's a gaming event lasting for two days in sweet sunny ass CA. People pull these shifts in industries they don't even give a fuck about and their work quality is still top-notch (which you'd hope some of these people here AT LEAST should be already in this job because they're passionate about Halo / eSports yeah?).
  11. On Spartan: Nobody "deserves" shit in life, let alone a "top 3" or whatever bullshit pro team spot that's getting spewed these days. Nobody cares if you're a mental cripple. You make do with what you've been given in life. I ain't perfect either, but I don't bitch about shit. It's why this generation keeps getting tagged with the "what about me, me me me" handout stigma. FOH On MLG: If you think HCS teams are clique-y, you've never seen how industry professionals really operate. There is still a massive disconnect between the proverbial "suits" like 343 management and a community. That's not to say MLG's all clear either for dumping Halo 4 (basically 343's first baby) despite a god awful game and expecting all would be well when the scene recovered. However, getting barred from even bidding for the rights is just pathetic on 343's part and speaks to how shitty the industry beyond game development actually is. When you have a clusterfuck of a land grab in competitive gaming, it's basically Wild Wild West out there.
  12. I don't know about that statement regarding 10 teams minimum. Sure it feels good to have the OG brand, a TL team that was SOL this weekend, and a team with Ogre 2 all in, but I find it equally as exciting that one team won't make it and be forced to kick out a pro team come relegation. That should hopefully incentivize all the pro teams to actually work on their gameplay. If you're gonna have all those teams in a top 10, that's just amounting to yet another clear divide between pro-am and does nothing to further the drive. I wouldn't kid myself in thinking a challenger team would somehow rise above the others in purgatory to actually mount a challenge in this case. Whereas with an OG / TL / DNL team I could see that legitimately happening, let alone challengers thinking "fuck these OG / TL / DNL guys, if I can't get my shot at the pros yet, I want them." There Has to be some teams that people consider "pro" in the am level. What's the point of having pros vs pros and ams vs ams? If ams never had the chance to play a weaker pro team, that defeats the whole purpose of this league's intentions. The supposedly higher level teams already refuse to scrim lower quality teams - because of ego, embarrassment in losing, whatever. Now they're forced to do it. I highly doubt the divide here is as gaping as CLG-all, especially when you've got APG, Maniac, OG2 being chased by guys like Cloud and Heinz. Now people are gonna at least pay attention. If Optic was "nearly top 1.5", how did they lose out in their bracket? Top 1.5 teams don't have mental lapses like Optic had. You can't possibly knock one of the other teams that earned their way in (especially now that it was double elim!). Yea Enigma 6 shit the bed in scrims, but they did what they had to do, and that's why they're in and OG are not.
  13. Hello darkness, my old friend.... I've come to talk with you again..... Because a vision softly creeping.... Left its seeds while I was sleeping.... And the vision that was planted in my brain Still remains.. ...Within the sound .... of silence...... ☆ ¸. ¸ ☆ :. . • ○ ° ☆ . ☆ ¸. ¸ ☆ :. . • ○ ° ☆ . zzzz
  14. Here's how to decipher communication in competitive: Misses every shot = Weak Hits one shot = Weak af Hits two shots = One shot Hits three shots = Absolute Hits four shots = Wtf lag Hits all five shots = Where's the double / trip / over
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