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  1. Halo 2 for XBOX has a higher FOV than Halo 2 for PC. What is the FOV in Halo 2 Anniversary/ Halo 2 Classic in the MCC going to be like?
  2. They had radar because they couldnt deactivate it on the build they had at this time. But they covered the radar with a Master Chief Collection sticker, so the viewers and the players technically had no radar. Other than that I´m pretty sure that 343i lets people like Bravo, Neighbor, Ghostayame, etc do the competitive playlist so I think it will be fine.
  3. I find it much harder to doubleshoot in Halo2 Vista. Does anybody know or can anybody guess what Doubleshooting is going to be like in the Master Chief Collection? Like in the original Halo 2 or like in Halo 2 Vista?
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