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  1. Neemah

    OT Thread of OT

    Florida man at it again http://www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/florida-man-crashes-fire-hydrant-drowns-89th-birthday-n758216
  2. Kendrick mad corny y'all
  3. Neemah

    Film Discussion

    Any under the radar movies to check out so far this year? Haven't been too interested in a lot that's come out so far
  4. This thread not very active. Any good musics out there flying under the radar?
  5. Neemah

    Film Discussion

    Thoughts on the latest Peanuts movie?
  6. JVC gummies are good and only like 20 bucks or something, plus they have a mic on them for use with cellular telephones if needed.
  7. Neemah

    NBA Thread

    Hey guys, Nice to see familiar faces still in here. Specially you Scalzo... I did a PODcast recording session with one of our friends Corbin (can't remember what he goes by on here) and some of my other friends. We talk NBA finals and Draft. Feel free to skip finals discussion if you want, I'm sure most people in here have heard enough. Soundcloud link is here:https://soundcloud.com/neemah/ehmt-nba-finals-draft-recap Maybe we can have some of the thread people on the pod in the future. Love you guys. :glasses:
  8. One of the best out this year, Joey Purp
  9. Neemah

    NBA Thread

    Hi everyone. I've stopped by on this fine Wednesday to share with you an image of two legends. Both bathed in the syrup of growth hormones and daffodils. It is to these people we look up to and wonder, "Why are not my ideas larger than these individuals that stand before me". In all seriousness though, how's the NBA Thread been holding up?
  10. Neemah

    NBA Thread

    He's had over 90+ NBA basketball games of work to watch from. He's simply a much smarter coach than the vast majority of those in the NBA right now.
  11. Neemah

    NBA Thread

    Karl-Anthony Towns
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