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  1. Why is there such a huge hype about ESPN having a few esports titles? Many people including ESPN are saying it's their first time jumping into this scene. Does no one remember Halo on ESPN in 2008 for it's top 10's and again in 2009 for a few events?
  2. Hit me up if you haven't found the players yet. mC Proph3cy
  3. Add me if you want. Ill be online Wednesday around 9. GT is mC Proph3cy
  4. Looking for a team. Kind of already have a teammate but it's just us 2. GT: mC Proph3cy
  5. Do they sell an official xbox one wired controller or do you have to use a plug and play? I don't want to use one of the gamestop or walmart brand ones.
  6. Also if they're behind already why would a new game be worked on when they need to catch up on the main game?
  7. Does anyone else think that for 343, releasing a Halo 2 anniversary would be a terrible decision for them? It would create a competition of sales, and not one that would benefit the company especially if the remake of Halo 2 is good and has a multiplayer. If the remake is really good and then Halo 5 comes out shortly after why would people buy it when they have a good game already with probably a lot of the same mechanics? Plus making an open Beta for the new Halo wouldn't help much. If I remember correctly the beta for reach only changed 2 things. The DMR clip was changed from 12 bullets to 15 and the grenades were slightly reduced in damage and damage radius. I'm not saying I don't want this to happen but I see no benefit for 343 to do this which makes me very skeptical on it actually happening. So any reasonable thoughts here?
  8. Does anyone still run random 4's in Halo 4 at all? I'm trying to get back into it. GT: mC Proph3cy

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