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  1. I'm looking for 2 players to compete under Above Gaming for HWC Season 2 and/or AM Leagues. We want someone that's level-headed, composed, determined, and willing to learn. All we ask is that Discord gets used. It's our main choice of comms. Best bet to get in touch with me is through Twitter. @Vistox.
  2. 3 questions. Twitter? Do you use Discord or Skype? How often do you play? @vistox
  3. I'm solo under ReVel eSports. I'm looking for 3 people. GT: vistoxx
  4. I'm available for GBs/Online tourneys and maybe a few LANs in the near future. Looking for 3 under @ReVel_eSports
  5. Looking for 3 dedicated players to play under the ReVel name with me. Not looking to waste time with people that leave after one game. Looking to grind Arena and GBs/HCS. GT: Vistoxx Twitter: @Vistox I don't check here very often so you're best bet of contacting me is on twitter or Xbox
  6. both of you should hmu when you get the chance. I'm trying to get a team going
  7. Hmu when you get the chance. Trying to start up a team.
  8. I'll hit you up tomorrow when I get home
  9. First off, no. I'm the best player stat wise. I'm not a slayer. I play OBJ/Support. Second, I'm not willing to run with people expecting T3 first time together. Every time I do I get dropped with out knowing. and Last. If you're going to drop me after one bad game, please don't wast my time. I'm looking to either start a team for HCS or join a To2/3. I want people that will openly criticize if it feels like it could help build the team. If you're dedicated to even go AM, I want to run with you. I'm NOT expecting T3-10 in our first cup. I literally want to find players that WANT to build up to get consecutive wins. Players that are willing to practice and scrim at random times until we get time that work for all of us. If you're that kind of person, I want you. Me: I started playing Comp around the end of Halo 3. After that switched to CoD and now I'm back for MCC. I'm 16, in High School, and in central timezone. I can only attend any LAN events as long as we are working/ed up to it. GT: Vistoxx Twitter: @Vistox Message me on Xbox or Tweet me to get in touch with me. I'm on EVERY day. If you do not want this as bad as I do, don't run with me.
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