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  1. That's why it would be ranked playlist though. The hardcore players would be seperated from the new people pretty quickly.
  2. I don't think amplified is in the maplist is it?
  3. So many H2A playlists does seem a bit silly considering it's only 6 maps.
  4. Probably but will that be enough to have it as a permanent playlist? Unless they've mentioned that the 1 dedicated playlist per game is permanent regardless of population.
  5. Problem is if they are removing/changing playlists based on population then let's face it a CE 2v2 playlist probably wont last.
  6. Hopefully they will get crossgame doubles as the next rotational so I can play that shit all week to try and get it a permanent spot.
  7. Maybe they will be trying to push H2A through the eSports playlist. But goddamn no doubles playlist makes me a sad panda. I think it was a pretty popular playlist and they could just throw all the games in there.
  8. I am assuming that there will be a mixed games doubles playlist with all games in it so that's atleast something if you want to get some 2v2 CE going.
  9. You can't purchase it yet but you could preload destiny before it came out so this should be the same.
  10. Ill be doing this to get the MCC. Didn't think Europe would get screwed over by 3 days but there u go. I guess they don't like more money.
  11. Tbh there isn't much to say about the game either. Though playlist info would be nice to have if they say the games will play like we remember then that's fine by me.
  12. One thing that is imo a pretty big problem is the fact that there is no sort of spectator mode for any of the games. I understand why they wouldn't want to add it for older games but hopefully it will be there for H5. A big part of tournaments these days is that people can tune in and watch the stream and get hyped for there favorite team doing well. For smaller or online tournaments its impossible to get a stream going because of no spectator mode or the fact that so much hardware is needed if you want to stream 4v4 for a LAN. For H2C and H2A the only way to watch some games from a tourney is hope that some of the teams will be streaming it.
  13. Wasn't there going to be some H1 footage released by the end of the month?
  14. I totally agree with this. It would be such a waste to get 5 games in a bundle like this and then only end up playing one.
  15. I think COD players most likely will just go back to a previous title. At the time of this post Black ops 2 has more viewers than Ghosts.
  16. Not on nadeds channel anyway since his vods are sub only.
  17. Except that they were planning on turning it into a futuristic battlefield game first.
  18. Probably 2v2 playlist regardless of what games are in it or whatever playlist H2A has.
  19. It will depend on the playlists. I'm going straight for MP.
  20. That's a pretty old tweet so I wouln't count on that still being the plan.
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