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  1. Was this confirmed or are we still just assuming?
  2. Well you could make an extra account to play on with your friends since they will all have gold.
  3. No. You will have to download the 20gb once you've installed the 45gb off the disc.
  4. http://www.ign.com/articles/2014/10/17/halo-the-master-chief-collections-blood-gulch-remake-is-awesome-ign-first Blood Line
  5. For sure getting the digital version now. Preload and getting the 20gb update aswell is too good.
  6. They did it for Destiny too so it would suprise me if they didn't make it available for Halo.
  7. Yes and it's a good thing too. The amount of medals you get is ridiculous.
  8. There's not going to be any button glitches in the video let's be real.
  9. Had my Xbox One since release so just waiting for the preload to be available so I can cancel my physical copy.
  10. I was thinking about the eSports playlist and I think that it could be used for online tournaments maybe? Let's say the reward is something similar to recon for H3, that could motivate some more casual players to try and get good to get there hands on something that would be really exclusive. I know competitive players probably don't care too much about something like that as a reward but I think it could work to grow the community. There's a good chance people would bitch about it being to hard to get your hands on so 343 would have to stick with it.
  11. I think they're just not going to in the playlist. Not right away anyway.
  12. Yeah I love the idea of crossgame playlists. If there would have been a crossgame 2v2 playlist I would be looking forward to playing the shit out of that. It's like getting the ultimate 50. Though I do understand that for something like Team Hardcore you would like seperate playlists to purely focus on one game at a time.
  13. It would be funny if the par times adjusted to the leaderboards. That would make them pretty much impossible to get after a while so I'm sure that's not gonna be how it works.
  14. Yeah its either to push H2A as the main comp title or they will adapt it to whatever the next tourney will be or something like that.
  15. Yes but for CE it seems better to just make it 2v2. And they haven't said anything about playlists staying even if there's only like 1000 people on it.
  16. I do believe every game in the collection should get atleast one dedicated playlist regardless of population.
  17. It wouldn't suprise me if they dont release anything on maps and settings.
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