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  1. Yeah that's an unfortunate side effect of this announcement.
  2. It makes perfect sense to use H2A. From a viewers standpoint it will get more people to watch since it's the "new" game with the shiny gfx while at the same time it will hopefully get people over wanting sprint in H5.
  3. I can almost never stand watching reviewers play any games. They all suck.
  4. Turns out the buying it on the US marketplace from where I am (Belgium) that the game unlocks here on the 12th at 6 am so ill atleast avoid doing an allnighter xD.
  5. Nice that should leave people with plenty of time to download it.
  6. No because ill be playing. :gandhi:
  7. Yeah I honestly don't care about theater at all.
  8. Isn't it possible that this type of stuff still has to be changed with the 20gb update that still hasn't come out?
  9. As I said before you search a certain playlist, find players and then vote for whatever game/map you want to play so it's impossible to have different ranks for different games in the same playlist.
  10. I don't think they have mentioned if there will be server restrictions like that. Tbh I wouldn't be a fan because it would restrict the population and it's not like there's that many Xbox Ones out there.
  11. I just bought the Xbox One Stereo headset and it's fine by me. Don't want to spend alot of money on an expensive headset because they always seem to break fairly fast.
  12. If they have restrictions on what they can stream then we still might not get to see what we want.
  13. But the voting gets done AFTER you are matched with players?
  14. I figured that would be something like the H3 exp system but maybe I'm misunderstanding it's a bit vague.
  15. If it's a cross game playlist then there is only 1 rank for that playlist I believe.
  16. StK had some tech issues but that was a good vod to watch :p
  17. From a 343 standpoint they will obviously be going with H2A however I don't think that the community should just fold like that. H2C/CE tournaments could do well if the support is there and who knows maybe 343 will want to support those to some degree. We finally have the chance to play what we want to play and it would be such a shame to just throw that aside because 343 is throwing money at H2A tournaments. It's a fact though that if H2A tournaments end up with much higher prizepools that the smaller tournaments will not be able to compete.
  18. Don't care if they put in killcams and weapon skins and challenges and stuff. As long as the game is solid they can add stuff like that all they want if it means people stay on Halo.
  19. Don't get why they bother with lockdown but oh well.
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