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  1. I don't understand how they can't get something as basic as limiting the amount of players it searches for in matchmaking right. It says right in the description 8 player ffa and then it goes searching for 10 players because the playlist stats or whatever is set to 10 max players.
  2. The competitive community might be against sprint and even then not all of us are but casuals love that shit. I saw a guy on reddit say that H5 looks perfect and that he loved H4 so yeah not everyone dislikes sprint.
  3. Yeah I was thinking the bomb could do with a longer reset time.
  4. People will play it if there is money to be made.
  5. The only thing that really matters is sprint in this gif. The ads could be the scope in like in other halo games just a different animation.
  6. Tbh using the scope in other halos is pretty much the same thing. The thing that mostly matters is if you can ADS with an AR.
  7. Too bad the tournament started so late for EU viewers. I ended up watching till 3am but it would be good if it started a little earlier today.
  8. Could you link where u found this? Because this could be H4 for all we know.
  9. They're are trying to make an eSport out of Halo BUT it still has to sell well overall so there will probably be some questionable things in the game. For all I care they could add unlockable skins and shit to the game as long as the core gameplay is solid. We desperately need the game settings that are played in comp settings to be as close as possible to the default settings in matchmaking. Hopefully that means BR start by default in matchmaking and maybe some tweaks to radar so that could stay in.
  10. Alot more people then we think want sprint. One of the reviewers that was streaming H2 campaign said the game could definitely use sprint for example. If H5 does have sprint then turning it off will probably not be an option because the maps will de designed for it.
  11. Could be an old build? But sprint potentially being in does not mean its a bad game by default. Personally if H5 can get the default settings as close to comp settings as possible then that is the best case scenario and I also hope they have the balls to get rid of AR/SMG starts. Ill reserve my judgement untill after we see the beta played and get some opinions from the players.
  12. 2 and 3 don't have much of a chance now that the HCS will be H2A but who knows. Alot depends on what H5 looks like atm. I know they could change alot of things and people shouldn't judge it too quickly but you know there will be 50 pages of GG ITS OVER if they show something like sprint or jetpacks.
  13. I hope that was just a side effect of testing. Would be really bad if it stays like that on day 1.
  14. Hopefully it wont take too long for them to put the 2v2 playlist in. I was actually looking forward to trying out the CE playlist.
  15. No more H3 in the team hardcore playlist either which isn't bad really. I'm sorry for the CE players but atleast when it comes back it will be 2v2. Getting H1 to be voted in the mixed playlist is not going to be easy.
  16. Atleast it should still be working behind the scenes just not visible. If they wait too long to add it to the rest of the playlists then I could see population drop fairly quickly again. But hey atleast I can play through all the campaigns and shit for the time being.
  17. Wait wut only one ranked playlist at launch? When did that happen?
  18. I would be kinda pissed if I bought a pass to play H2C and now they switch it.
  19. I switched the auto update setting on and off and then it decided to work after resetting the xbox.
  20. Would the eSports playlist be used for the online tournaments or is that just the Team Hardcore playlist for H2A?
  21. I think forge maps should be fine for the most part since the new forge pallet actually looks good. Not sure if Midship would look decent if they made it in forge though, BC should be fine. If they go with forge maps then I do think they should just go with remaking existing maps for the time being just so newer recognize the maps.
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