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  1. For me the worst part is that when it gets fixed which will probably take like another month if we're lucky we will be that much closer to the release of H5. There's a fairly good chance that MCC will be as good as dead once H5 is out so that means less then a year to play fixed MCC.
  2. I don't see what more they can say besides acknowledging that it's fucked and they're trying to fix it. No point in trying to explain the coding process to us or whatever.
  3. They should've just gotten rid of non BR starts and put in team duals for votes.
  4. I think ill just go get GTA 5 for PS4 later today or something. This is getting ridiculous. Edit: Support is talking about some kind of compensation that is supposed to be coming no info on what it could be though.
  5. For some reason once the game finds 8 people it decides to wait just long enough to get that one extra person in there while before the patch the moment it found 7 people it would instalock the game.
  6. People just vote for a 3v4 on fucking bloodline... I'm quitting this shit.
  7. So I just woke and started reading here and noticed that my worst nightmare has become reality... The patch just downloaded... wish me luck.
  8. Are they going to reset ranks once the patch hits?
  9. If you can sign in a 2nd gold account instead of a guest then it should work.
  10. Even though it's very disappointing that the patch has been delayed with no real date for the new release. I guess it's better then them releasing it anyway and having it do nothing at all. I would be fine with having a patch released that atleast does something to fix matchmaking.
  11. Don't know if it has been posted yet but seems like ranks will be added to the rest of the playlists once the issues are fixed so hopefully this wednesday.
  12. It better be mostly fixed with the wednesday patch.
  13. I'm not even gonna bother searching for games anymore hopefully by this time next week it will be fixed but for now I'm plugging in my PS4.
  14. The new patch wasn't really ment to help. The MP updates are all through next week.
  15. They just fucked it up by releasing that 15gb content update so late. There's no way they had time to test it properly.
  16. If you dont mind waiting untill everything is fully functional then go ahead.
  17. I'm actually starting to get into games relatively quick now. The teams are still uneven but hey atleast I can play some games, just won a 2v3 oddball game on H2C.
  18. If they can speed up the matchmaking proces, make the teams even, keep your party together and get rid of the freezing after a game then I would be happy for now.
  19. Atleast we know it will take atleast a week to be somewhat fixed...
  20. The only reason I would like it to stay the same as in the old games is because if they have ADS even if it functions the same way all the big shooters on console will look the same and I dont get why they would wanna do that.
  21. Instead of making that documentary they should have spent the money on testing.
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