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  1. I've been playing CE with a buddy right now and things are working pretty well. Now if only they could add ranks to everything.
  2. If this doesn't cut into H5 dev time then fine and hopefully it doesn't end up breaking MCC even more.
  3. It probably is cosmetic for the precision weapons.
  4. Yeah I know they'll be switching them but why would they even do this. They should make it clear to all the casuals that BR/DMR start is and will be the way to go in H5.
  5. They were planning to turn H2 into a BF style game so no we wouldn't be better of.
  6. Yeah all we can do is try to give them productive feedback and hope they can listen to parts of it. I would be suprised if sprint removal is something they are willing to consider. I would be fine with sprint in BTB if that's even going to be a thing for H5(I would assume so) and no sprint for everything else.
  7. As a big fan of 2v2 this map is making me sad already.
  8. Is it just me or does the game seem to be using a lot of H4 textures?
  9. Kinda ridiculous that they leave the only ranked playlist as 5v5.
  10. It was probably an accident. They'll put em back in later.
  11. If they would have made the whole thing themselves there wouldn't have been nearly as many problems as there are now I think we can all agree on that. H5 will probably work fine except for maybe server issues on launch.
  12. I think 343 updated the Xbox website. http://i.imgur.com/XRSsSiW.jpg
  13. Delay H5 for a year and add Midship and BC to H2A.
  14. If they don't get it fixed at all then they pretty much have to give us H5, though I would prefer just having the MCC fixed.
  15. So now they are adding playlists back in like everything works fine or what?
  16. They were going to reset it anyway when/if they fix the game.
  17. If they could do that and give a realistic estimate when they could get it fixed then I would still not be happy but atleast we'd know something. Even if it turns out they need another month, it's better to just get it over with and tell us rather then releasing a new useless patch every couple of days.
  18. At this point ill be happy if the game works... They better not have any major issues with the beta. I can deal with the servers getting overloaded on the first day maybe two but no freezing/crashing, audio issues or matchmaking issues.
  19. Having EG pick up a Halo team is seriously big news. If this can keep up untill H5 is released then there's a really good chance there will be a tournament scene even if the game isn't what everyone wants.
  20. Sure but that will atleast give us more time to play MCC if it ever gets fixed.
  21. The best compensation possible for me would be delay H5 for a year so they can polish the shit out of it.
  22. The way sprint works atm it might aswell be removed from the game completely. In casual matchmaking games it will probably cause games to slow down to a crawl because people WILL use it to survive a fight and then have to crouch in a corner somewhere to get their shields back. At the same time for competitive players it will be pointless to use it because in most cases you will be called out and naded/shot.
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