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  1. You still need an X1 to stream it to your PC right? So what's the point of doing that?
  2. If they get it working the way all of us would like it to work then great but that's just another reason not to buy H5 for me.
  3. So does that mean they're straight up lying or they just don't know how their game works?
  4. Oh ffs why are they putting in Team Hardcore when ranks aren't even working and searching with a party is still a mess??
  5. If that is the direction they want to take Halo then I'm out. Breakout is not fun for me at all in its current form.
  6. If noone shows then those 3-5 years will just get reduced to zero.
  7. They might aswell switch to CoD if they are considering it now. IF Halo manages to recover to they could always come back to it later if they think it's worth it.
  8. If T2 bails that would be a pretty big deal, he's not that big of a viewer puller on twitch (I think?) but he's still a pretty big name for the community and who knows maybe others will follow.
  9. MP shooters are in such a sorry state these days. Maybe I'm just getting old or something but I tried playing some AW with some friends just now and everything is just so chaotic and all the over the place it's not fun for me. There's no structure to it anymore all that seems to matter is make it faster and faster.
  10. I certainly hope it does but that seems to be all we have these days is hope that they will listen.
  11. Reading replies on waypoint topics about sprint makes my brain hurt.
  12. I'm gonna try and wait to see if matchmaking is not a broken mess like it is with MCC. Either way I would like to play through the campaign.
  13. If you zoom in it seems like it's a 3 shot with just body shots.
  14. Yeah I want to see how BR starts work with current damage of the AR. A lot of people are probably expecting to be able to win against an AR once they turn that corner and for now it just doesn't work that way.
  15. Yeah that's how I feel about it aswell. For the more casual player it will be better to not get rekt on the early levels like it used to be with H2/3 but then again I don't know how the placement is determined. I lost like 3 games and ended up in Onyx 1.
  16. Yeah I'm assuming placement matches and stuff work in league because they have way more data then H5 does atm. You shouldn't be able to place into semi pro or pro leagues at all tbh.
  17. The H5 poll thread needs other options then just Yes or No. For example with the ground pound I don't really care if they keep it in because I never use and I don't think it's all that usefull for now.
  18. So far I've enjoyed myself with the beta. -AR's and the SMG do seem a tad strong but atleast they're not useless like in other games. -Sprint for me is only usefull right of spawn and after that I hardly ever use it, thruster seems fine. -The Sword/Thruster/Sprint combo is pretty annoying. -I like the rank system. -Imo the maps aren't too big so I think no sprint increased movement speed should work fine, I would love it if they gave that a shot during beta.
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