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  1. Anybody else torn between pre-loading the game so it's ready at midnight, or going to the store to get it then having to wait almost 2 days for it to install? Because that's where I'm at... I have a $15 off anything coupon at Bestbuy that I can use to get the game. But idk if I wanna wait another 2 days for it to install so I can play it.

    Why would installing it take 2 days?

  2. Question.


    Would we alienate the rest of the community by only removing Sprint from the "Competitive" gametypes? With only Sprint removed, the game is marginally more fun than before. The other abilities (Thruster, Ground Pound, Clamber, Stabilizers) are decent options when Sprint is no longer a factor. Sliding and Charge are also removed because they require Sprint to work, and that keeps double pummeling to a minimum. Buff the movement to a cozy percentage where the strafe is still useful, and bam; you got yourself a pretty nice game.

    They can't remove Sprint from the competitive gametypes because they want to keep the experience the same for everyone playing. The toggle is just going to be a useless addition.


    They might make a "classic" playlist but they simply can't take out Sprint from the comp gametypes while at the same time advertising H5 as a competitive title.

  3. Looking at the replies they are not getting it still. I do however agree with that one guy that said that Sprint being in H4 was not the main reason the population dropped so fast. For me it was lack of good maps, lack of playlist options, no ranks etc...


    Problem is that the maps for H5 are looking to be pretty bad too so I don't think getting rid of Sprint is good enough.

  4. Honestly guys, just by reading the comments on this article, i wouldnt be too surprised if that 11% was true.




    There is a massive positive response shown in the comments, backed up with shitloads of upvotes. Not only is it extremely concerning, but pretty evident that 343 have a lot of support.

    It wouldn't suprise me if it was true. It all depends on who ends up filling out the survey. I think it's time to just move on tbh. Even if H5's population drops like crazy they will just do the same thing for H6 and so on.

  5. A few things come to mind:


    -I would like to see how the game plays with these changes made. (Not by journalists ofcourse)

    -The HCS settings will be made by 343. If they wanna keep claiming it's a competitive game they can't take sprint out for seperate competitive settings.

    -I would imagine maps wouldn't be that big of an issue because in the beta playing without sprint worked relatively well.

    -ADS staying in the game was to be expected but still...



    Overall the way things are looking now I will be moving on to CS GO (or MCC if it is ever functional) for now. I will still keep an eye out for any gameplay of the changes but at this point ill be buying it used for the campaign at some point after launch.

  6. Read the article i posted screenies of. What he was talking about was said after the Keynote at the Redmond Campus

    I would have to see another article confirming that. If they do that what would be the point of owning an X1? Since it says that he can't guarantee every first party game would make it's way to W10 I would imagine Halo not being one of them but who knows, If it does happen then I wonder how many PC players would jump into it.

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