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  1. Is there a doubles playlist now? Haven't played in like 6 months.
  2. I wanna get it but I'm in europe so it's already costing me 741 euros with shipping and now it's unclear if that includes any custom fees. If it doesn't it might bump up the price to 926 euros for me and I'm not that crazy.
  3. Just played ffa on orion such an awfull map.
  4. It's more then that right? https://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/community/blog-posts/launch-playlist-details
  5. If you mean a physical copy it looks like on release like everyone else.
  6. This is what I came up with. Warrior helmet + Goblin body
  7. The free map packs are interesting. I wonder if they're going to try and get us to buy other things like skins or something.
  8. You guys do realise it's unlikely that this will have mod support right?
  9. Atleast they are getting alot of the features right.
  10. I'm still not touching it untill they put ranks in and doubles.
  11. If this upcoming patch doesn't fix alot of stuff then I don't care anymore.
  12. They're still working on the patch I guess. I just hope it gets to a working state at some point so that they can add ranks and additional playlists.
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