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  1. Yoseph went from lovable idiot making mario kart reach maps to a carbon copy of Alex Jones
  2. Gold pro is almost as dumb as the dude who made it, and if you have him on FB then you know how amazing that is
  3. Solid update from 343. Dmr starts were just TOO common. You now will have AR starts at 75% weight, instead of DMRs at 75% weight for 4v4. Fucking DMRs being a ranked playlist by themselves, aside from hardcore. What a joke lol https://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/forums/f3681fbc78fa43878c4aec9a63a46224/topics/mcc-playlist-update---1-15-20/6b42df11-9cb8-4642-8645-2aab0c161bb0/posts?page=1
  4. Well it's not like Halo 1 wasn't already bad to begin with. Now it's just broken and bad.
  5. Halo 1 CE spawns were the reason why 4v4s didn't exist.
  6. Have they confirmed one way or another if the 20 DLC maps include the forged ones?
  7. Aim smoothing, plus auto aim that slows things down incrementally as you get close to a player, not just when your reticle is on them.
  8. It hasn't made it harder at every level. It made it harder for people that have a really strong muscle memory and feel for their aim. Bad players do not have this.
  9. Great reasoning, bravo. You've thoroughly convinced me.
  10. I think they do. Consider the average player to the ones you find here. The ones that always smash the right stick to whatever side every time they try to aim. I can almost guarantee that if I took some random chick that's never played any FPS games and stuck a controller in her hands, she would find more success using the new aiming. Do I think it should stay? Yes. as the non-default option, like hold to crouch or auto aim-centering.
  11. No. The Halo 4 AR was literally never used. The AR should actually be something that can be used, unlike CE, 3, Reach, and 4 where it was absolutely useless compared to the respective utility weapons. Uh, no. Try actually understanding what they did WITH the aiming. Watch the video of it for fucks sake. Did I say it was a good change? No, obviously it wasn't. But there was a reasoning behind it, which was making new/bad players having an easier time aiming. Which they do.
  12. Disagree. If they nerf the ar, it should be to its damage, not its range or accuracy. Also, the aiming change isn't /for/ us. It's stupid that they changed it, but its for people that are terrible that struggle with the aiming previously. Im not saying it was a good change, but it very obviously wasn't made with beyond and friends in mind.
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