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  1. So.... will it be ready by 30th of august (later today)?
  2. Dude I am so ready for them. I got my fingers crossed that they will release on the 30th or 31st
  3. You say by the end of this month. You mean this month as in August right?! like not september but august? like IN A FEW F**KING DAYS AUGUST? lol let me clam down a bit lol. Thats fricken sweet man. Awesome job on the ranks
  4. Halo 2's old rank system and classic portion of the game are making a return which is something I have dreamed of for the last 4 years now. I am extremely excited for its return. Having said that there are some things I do want regarding playlists. Ranked Team Slayer: I feel like this is an absolute MUST. SMG and BR variants should make their return imo. Along with maps such as, Warlock, Lockout, Midship, Relic (BR start), Terminal (Rifles), Colossus (Rifles), Zanzibar (BR start), Sanctuary (BR start) Gemini, Turf, Ascension(Rifles), and Elongation. Pretty much all the maps from Halo 2 classic although some gametypes were left out and others were changed a little but all of these games were extremely fun to play especially at a higher rank (37+). Ranked Double Team: Now this one is speculated to not make a return. I however strongly disagree with this decision. They should most certainly make a double team playlist because double team was one of the best playlists in halo 2 / halo 3. I think they should have. King of the Hill, Oddball and Capture the flag brought back in double team along with Slayer. Maps like Warlock, sanctuary, turf, lockout, midship, beaver creek, and ivory tower should all be in it. As for gametypes theres too many for me to list but all the original ones from 2007 were great except ivory tower and beaver creek SMG start slayer. Ranked Skirmish: Skirmish is the lowest populated playlist in every halo game. Even though this is the case I feel like it is one of the most enjoyable playlists at a higher rank. It relies entirely on teamwork and map control. I think they should either have a 4v4 skirmish or a BTB skirmish playlist. Not both. Almost any gametypes on any maps can work here. As long as it isn't territories lol. Ranked Rumble Pit: I really like searching in a playlist and having it solely depend on myself. Its 2am and you have no friends online and you want to increase your online rank what are you going to do? Search slayer or doubles and risk getting bad team mates or micless team mates? Hell no, thats suicide! lol. You want to have the avalibility to search in a ranked rumble pit playlist where you can still compete for rank and not rely on team mates to help you out. I feel like Warlock (Human weapons), Lockout, Midship, Beaver Creek, Ivory Tower,Turf, Sanctuary(BR start). Would all be great gametypes for this playlist. Team Hardcore: Basically the MLG settings or compettive settings for Halo 2 Classic. Team Training: 4v4 non ranked game modes for fun (just leave out team swords and team rockets please lol) Rumble Training: Basically rumble pit but non ranked. Thats pretty much it. I know not all of these playlists will be made but I'm just putting what I want there to be. I really don't care about the H2A I'm actually probably never going to play it. I just want my old halo 2 back, old halo 2 maps/gametypes in the playlists and rank system. Its pretty much a dream come true. The only nightmares I have are the xbox one conrtoller (not a big deal), how different the game will feel at 60fps (h2v feels weird) and the playlists and gametypes that will be in them. Other than that 343 has done a superb job and I know myself and a ton of other people have been waiting for something like this to come out for over 4 years now. I hope I see you all there on MCC I'm just going to be playing Halo 2 classic for the majority of my lifetime now.
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