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  1. I think you should start with BR + pistol. AR and SMG should be weapons you pick up on the map and they should do more damage. Automatics should not be to OP, but worth picking up. At close range automatics should be almost a guaranteed kill against BR/DMR unless you make a 4 shot. Im OK with the pistol beining a 4sk, but please make it pistol only then and not AR starts. Why make H5 all about competitive and then make it AR start (AR start is way better than in the other games, but its just not as fun to watch as BR starts).
  2. -I really enjoyed playing H4 -Reach V7 is not that bad compared tot H3 -I hate SMG/AR starts, armor lock and jet pack -More people should play Reach (MLG) since MCC is still not fixed

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