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  1. Inb4 bravo and quinn both are sitting in a bar throwing back so good drinks and chillen.
  2. I think so it was a mistake just let bravo or quinn know so it can be fixed.
  3. I only want to Onyxs used as a FFA NEVER used for anything else PLEASE!
  4. All I am saying is this is a new generation of gamers. I understand you guys but for the sake of the game you need to put new things in while staying to the old formula but in the end like i said if we didst have AA or sprint still had everything from h3 people would still leave cause the game was the same as halo 3 nothing new.
  5. I just played haven grabbed the ball from mohawk back tracked to my base and just launched the ball over the pillars and scored. If the score areas where bottom open and bottom mohawk you could not do that with out hitting the pillars or making it go down the ramps. Should at least test it to see if it works... This why the community needs to open there eyes to ideas and take off the blinders... just saying.
  6. But what I said is true the community hates change they don't want nothing new in halo they want what was done in 01 to 07 no new ideas for gameplay at all. I think in the end the population would of dropped off if we kept halo as halo 3 ( that is just a opinion NOT a troll )
  7. Faith what you think of for haven the goals bottom open and bottom mohawk?
  8. Prophet I agree with you 100% but this community *HATES* change they only want halo to be halo 3 or halo 2 and that's it nothing new keep to the old code. But change for games can be good and bad but I want to see halo evolve with a new generation of gamers but I don't think the old guard wants to give up there throne to a newer guard yet and they'll fight tooth and nail to keep the new generation at their feet.
  9. Thank you for posting this Sam. I just got home from work just played haven I think the scoring areas should be change to bottom open and bottom mohawk?
  10. Scatter bottom mid please tell me ghost is going to change it to shot gun not liking the idea of scatter being used.
  11. Have not played on them yet but for haven whats the weapon spawns. Needle, stick det, what else?
  12. Sloppy don't argue you got banned for bashing.
  13. And the choosing sides has begun -pulls out a chair and grabs the popcorn- The battle lines have been laid out now lets see who takes sides. :bravo: :quinn: :goldenboy: :ghost:
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