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  1. Does anyone have a schedule breakdown per day for this event? Im just wondering if any teamplay is on Friday and what time playing Friday starts.
  2. Im a F/A for this event if anybody is looking for a solid 4th.
  3. Hunter Jjx and Cizzats are both H2 era, and Sano might be too not too sure. Also Lasty can you put me on F/A as well... I would like to try to make both events in Dec and Jan
  4. So is this list based off of people who have been playing recently? Or the end of H1?
  5. The loss of population is not due to the shark update, its mainly attributed to Destiny's release.
  6. I downloaded and played a little last night.. the game is terrible, but ill still play it when h2V is dead.
  7. Thats really cool , so what listen in to teams on main stage or whatever?
  8. Everyone says ... you gotta move past all the old shit and stick with the new and shiny, look at the CounterStrike community...the games have stayed relatively the same aside from graphics and some tweaks and the community is huge and has huge tournaments.
  9. There wasnt this much hype for h2 since 07, I am definitely considering this now that it isnt h2a
  10. Ya thanks again for the tourney Yoshi, and everyone who donated and helped out!
  11. Thanks for donating, I will be streaming at www.twitch.tv/xinfidel
  12. Idk if the pcid cleared out something but after restarting multiple times it finally worked, I do wanna thank you guys behind the scenes making all this possible btw.
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