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  1. Also im normally online ether early 9am-2pm for a few hours before work or late night 10Pm-3/4Am after work all depends on a forever changing work schedule -.-
  2. Ok so ive been competing for a long time now. 8+Years. Took a break when Halo went to shit (Reach/4) and now ive returned. I was running games with Konfliction & Mr Blakerz and a few oldschool buddies but didnt have a proper setup and was playing like crap. Both of them currently have teams in the top 16 seed and im looking for players to do the same. Just bought a new 24inch monitor and controller so im ready to roll. (Had laggy TV and controller that continually ran forward) I do work full time but if we can compete at a high caliber and play well together i will request off every Sunday to make sure i can play in tourneys to qualify! Ive been gaming with top players a long time and know I can compete. If you feel the same or have a solid To3 looking for one hit me up and lets see if we cant make this work, There is too much $$ on the line to sit back and watch all my friends chase their dreams and I not do the same! LFG! GT - Kevlarrr Twitter - MLGKevlar Facebook - Mike Barlok Twitch - MLGKevlar Hit me up-
  3. Team Name - Sheety Wok Gamertag #1 - Kevlarrr Gamertag #2 - Mr Blakerz
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