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  1. Call me crazy but I play better on H3 MCC than I do on H3 BC
  2. Have they done anything to make this game playable since release. I've only played if for 3 weeks
  3. Is there a legit reason on why they haven't fixed MCC yet? this literally leaves a really bad taste in everyone's mouth. 343 has really hurt themselves for the future with any game they develop after the massacre of MCC. It's going to make consumers not only second guess themselves on ever buying a another 343 developed game, but they'll quadruple guess themselves. This is pathetic and just down right asinine. Halo 5 is down right trash too Smfh. I'm hoping doom is good, I can't tell you the last console shooter that has kept my attention. I can't bother with CoD shit gets too repetitive and old quick
  4. Any new updates, I'm dying to play? It's been since November tbh
  5. I miss playing Halo. Have they fixed anything yet?
  6. December update looks like a fucking joke
  7. Anything new for MCC. I dropped H5 until they fix a lot of shit. I just started playing CSGO
  8. Damn I was trying to play legit settings lol
  9. Thanks man, I am completely new. I never heard of Custom Edition till recently. I'm shocked people still play this
  10. How do I apply both Hac2 and CE on the PC. Do I need a hold of the newest patch also
  11. Yeah I gotta check it out. I'm trying to look if people are still playing but I can't seem to find anything out
  12. Have you played recently? Can you tell me if anyone has been playing and etc
  13. I just bought a laptop on Black Friday. I'm getting CSGO and thinking about HCE. Can you tell me if anyone is still actually playing it online and also how Custom Edition works out
  14. Can anyone tell me if Halo 1 for the PC is worth picking up. I haven't played in years and wanted to see some suggestions, I was reading about Custom Edition and how Bungie released a patch last year for the whole game. Can anyone fill me in please
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