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  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gsC4ZP9jlF8
  2. ACE was an original member. He just left for Liquid and came back.
  3. Here's a teaser of a few things i'm working on with some players at Regionals.
  4. nV 5 - 6 Noble Game 1 - Fathom CTF 3-1 nV Game 2 - Regret Slayer 50-34 Noble Game 3 - Empire Strongholds 100-61 Noble Game 4 - Eden Slayer 50-40 nV Game 5 - Truth CTF 3-2 Noble Game 6 - Plaza Strongholds 100-28 Noble Game 7 - Coliseum Slayer 50-33 nV Game 8 - Rig Strongholds 100-63 nV Game 9 - Plaza Slayer 50-44 nV Game 10 -Eden Strongholds 100-22 Noble Game 11 -Coliseum CTF 2-1 Noble
  5. Unfortunately FiS has been getting screwed over so much. WFX turned him down and picked up domey. Optic didn't pick him up and I've seen so much improvement from him. I hope he sticks it out and if he doesn't make it this year can get on a solid team and play until HWC 2017.
  6. These jumps are all used buy a few pros. there are a few better ones as well that people are using. #OlaJumps
  7. Noble was playing perfect halo and nV just seemed to be playing very individually. But are starting to play more like a team
  8. They are just learning how to play with each other. I believe after they get a feel for the team they'll be streaming to the public soon. TILT maybe or someone had to get off.
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