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  1. Well friends, as an occasional lurker I just want to say this is the first event I'm going to watch since Columbus 2012. I love all of you beautiful people.
  2. Thank you to Dave and to the good people who run this site for keeping Halo alive for this long. Unfortunately I've come to the fifth stage of grief and have accepted Halo's fate. Not with a bang but a whimper.
  3. Guys dont worry, you're service tag can be four letters again.
  4. I've always found it funny when anybody says "it feels like halo." Imagine somebody changes a hamburger completely until its unnoticeable as such and hands it to you and says "it tastes like a hamburger." I'd be like no thanks id rather just have the hamburger.
  5. I love how the teams can hear each other, much better than being in soundproof booths imo.
  6. I don't one an Xbox One, but it seems like an inferior system to the 360.
  7. Now I'm just sad. Friends of mine whom I haven't played with in years all bought the game and I've been able to play a grand total of one game with them thus-far. Most of them have given up and are either selling it or completely throwing in the towel. I'll stick around, but unfortunately I've probably lost the opportunity to play with people that I wanted to. What a pity.
  8. Still no love for Destin, dude was probably the most underrated halo 3 player imo.
  9. It's almost like its your 1th time here.
  10. So either 343 was completely incompetent and thought there would be no bugs and the game would run smoothly, or they knew about it and released the game anyway. Either way we lose.
  11. At this point I just wish I could give truth serum out to 343 and ask them how much of this they knew was going to happen.
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