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  1. Ok guys. although there is a lot happening i did promise to at least give you some insight on whats going on with Cloud 9 and our plans going into H5. As of "right now" our roster is Hysteria, FIS, and Victory. Pistola has decided to take his leave and we wish him the best (which im sure you all know by now if not then surprise!). We are keeping in mind that this is a new game with a very different style then H2A. We were not happy with any of our performances in the past 2 seasons and have been looking at exactly what it was that caused us not to excel in the past 2 season like we wanted. A number of things have been put in place to make sure that these same mistakes both in game and out of the game do not happen this time around. At the end of the day we want to bring a championship home just like the other orgs and are confident that we will do so in this next season. As always we appreciate all the support and all of the feedback (both negative and positive) and look forward to seeing you guys in H5 with a solid team which we will announce once that becomes more clear, until then ill try and keep everyone updated as much as i can. A lot of you guys may have already known this information for the most part but this was something official for those who wanted an official post. thanks everyone
  2. I will drop a little bit of intel later tonight or tomorrow regarding the C9 roster.
  3. I think halo 5 will cause a lot of different stories between teams
  4. I'm loving all the teams everyone wants to see happen and all the chatter about players coming back. It really is cool seeing all of it
  5. thanks everyone who watched and if you missed it im sure the rebroaddcast will be up. i hope i cleared a lot of things up and i hope i brought a little more understanding to the changes and contracts and how the orgs are looking to the futrue of halo. shout out to kelby too for clearing some stuff up with these contracts :-) see you guys around
  6. so im confused im trying to follow this and understand what is happening but i see a lot of different stories
  7. there it is! even though its only a practice lan that was a good game
  8. as you all know pistola is officially on the team but some people like press releases so here it is. hope everyone enjoys watching the lan this weekend http://cloud9.gg/news/cloud9-welcomes-pistola
  9. not happy about seeing ricochet being played. complete coin flip of a game. i dont even think cod likes that gametype
  10. he was appoached after we returned from championships in a non shady way and we knew he was going to be on c9 after ninjas release
  11. in honesty its about a 9 lol its a very crazy and rough thing to deal with
  12. The Roster is Victory, Pistola, FearItSelf, Hysteria and coach Symbolic. i was saying questions because im still getting a ton of them so i was letting everyone know i can now answer them
  13. ok guys its time to pull up the sleeves and answer any and all questions about this entire situation. press release is coming but in the meantime im open for all questions for u guys. as long as they arent to troll. ill also blog it on the c9 website soon
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