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  1. SWAT empire-based maps' spawns are the absolute worst. No joke, they're terrible
  2. Envyus got a halo lineup and it's pretty fucking solid imo. Pistola, Heinz, APG, and Mikwen Thoughts? Fave lineups atm for h5? in other news...
  3. Shockwav3 would definitely be in my Halo 2 top 10, in comparison I didn't feel like he fit in to this list though.
  4. After writing up an advertisement of sorts for the Halo World Championships on various forums I actively use, I included a list of my favourite Halo players of all time and my favourite teams of all time. Of course both are subjective and differ game to game / era to era. But below is a list of my favourite players and teams to ever set foot into competitive Halo. Feel free to list your own! Top 10 Favourite Halo MLG Players (In terms of skill and achievements) This list differs from game to game, but I'll be ranking my overall favourite players based on their skill and achievements in their prime and Halo game of choice. 10 - Heinz 9 - Strongside 8 - Ghostayame 7 - Lunchbox 6 - Snip3down 5 - Roy 4 - Pistola 3 - Walshy 2 - Ogre 1 1 - Ogre 2 Honourable Mentions: Victory X, FormaL, Karma, Saiyan, Neighbor, Tsquared, Ace, Optic Flamesword, Lethul, Naded, Ryanoob Top 5 Favourite Halo MLG Teams This list differs from game to game, but I'll be ranking my overall favourite teams based on their skill, win% in their prime and Halo game of choice. Also, some players will obviously appear in more than one team and this list is based pretty much around my liking towards that team setup and how well they performed in tournaments. 5 - Evil Geniuses - (Snipedown, Lunchbox, Roy, Lethul) 4 - Status Quo (Flamesword, Ace, Assault, Enable) 3 - Str8 Rippin (ElamiteWarrior, Legit, Snipedown, Tsquared) 2 - Final Boss (Ogre 1, Ogre 2, Walshy, Strongside) 1 - Instinct (Lunchbox, Ogre2, Roy, Pistola)
  5. Hey, kinda a delayed introduction but I'd strayed away from Halo a while back and recently decided I might get back into it - figured I'd stay up to date by coming back here. I've been playing games from the Halo franchise since around 2004 and it's been my favourite franchise since. I played Halo quite competitively, but never managed to go anywhere with it, mainly due to lack of skill. I then quite around the time of Halo 4 and started playing CoD competitively and did quite well - but that died down too. I'm 18, last year of high-school, going to college to study software engineering or computer science, possibly conjoint with pyschology so any tips would be appreciated :P I currently don't play anything competitively, however I moderate an RSPS community forum to pass time. My hobbies include graphic design and playing chess :s That's me in a nutshell.
  6. Well you started off by saying how does it matter if it's balanced, then said it's not balanced. So. Regardless, don't have to sprint if you don't want to. Cat and mouse? Teammates. There are countless popular shooters with sprint, and they're all have a working combination / formula, I think that the sprint effecting the regen of the shield is the perfect combination. Regardless, to each their own. True in a way, but debatable I guess. I personally don't care if it stays or leaves.
  7. Personally I think the sprint is quite balanced. ^^
  8. Tbf it's a beta, having rank balancing in games would be strange imo as there aren't a whole lot of players for the Beta and to have to make people wait longer to find similar ranks would just piss people off even more. I personally find the Beta quite entertaining, sure it's annoying and frustrating at times being stuck with beginners or people who leave at the start but o'well, only a Beta. Only thing that really annoys me frame rates and that aside would be how useless I find the energy sword or "Prophet's Bane." In H5Beta the kill time is way too short which renders the sword quite useless unless you can sneak up behind someone, that said even if you had an AR you could still kill them if you were sneaking.
  9. Gamertag: The Spuderman Customs/MM: Matchmaking Region: New Zealand, Auckland. ._.
  10. Personally, as someone who's been playing Halo their whole life. Halo 2 > Halo 3 > Halo 5 Beta > Halo CE = Reach > Halo anything in MCC > Halo 4 Quite impressed with the beta, but nothing beats Halo 2 multi :3
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