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  1. Regarding SC, I love @@Devaneaux's (and Snipe Three's) ideas to make it the "grounded ground pound".  That would completely solve the issue of it being the "oh shit button" that rewards recklessness and a lack of awareness.  Bunniez, it may not be as big of an issue in high level play, but it's super common and irritating for us plebs.


    If you're going to have it though, I feel like nerfing the knockback and damage defeats the purpose of it. That should be what makes it special.


    Thoughts on cancelling melee/Spartan Charge tracking with a thrust (Aka shimmy) as a way to indirectly nerf it? Something I know a few people have wanted for a while.

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  2. How to fix/improve SC:


    Make it a grounded version of GP with a short charge up required and a super loud sound effect on charge. Players can now dodge SC more frequently and it retains it's movement capabilities.


    Even further, you could make it so players have to commit to a sprint in a certain direction for the charge up time, making a SC more of a read on a players movement rather than just a mindless button press.




    Or we just allow us to dodge it with Thrust. #Shimmy2017

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  3. According to @@Sitri custom power-up options allow you to to make a Camo that doesn't fade when walking normal speed, but since those options are only available in mini-games we can't use it for our settings.


    I think this is an issue worth fast-tracking for the next patch.



    Its totally imbalanced and annoying.

    Whoever is sprinting blindly with no awareness just has to hit the "OH SHIT!" spartan charge button and immediately gain the upper hand even if the opposing player already has a few shots in them.


    Hell, just remove it for the competitive settings and I could live with that.


    I don't particularly like spartan charge, but I think it's problems are vastly overstated. The person who is getting bailed out by SC when someone gets the jump on them is also getting first rounded at every tournament they go to. Not saying I disagree with you, but spartan charge isn't even in my top-5 for changes I'd make to H5. 

  4. Just get rid of it. 

    I don't see that the times where it is useful in a non-cheese way (ie. jumping gaps, getting around corner quickly without using a thrust) outweigh how shitty it is the rest of the time.


    I think that we can agree that it absolutely cannot stay in the game in its current form.

    It seems to me the only proper way to balance it is to have it be roughly equivalent to a standard melee, and if that's the case, i don't see the need for it at all.  At that point its just redundancy passed off as novelty.


    Keep it simple, take it out.


    TBH, I don't think that it's imbalanced as much as it's just annoying. It wouldn't harm the game at all to get rid of it, but I also think that's a hard sell for 343. Everyone I've talked to outside of the competitive scene likes it.

  5. When someone went in for the double melee in Reach you knew you could at least trade. With spartan charge you might as well put down the controller because there is no counter to it. You can't strafe, jump or thrust out of the way because of the insane magnetism and as seen in your vid you can't counter-melee either. Spartan charge needs to go or heavily rebalanced, it's probably the worst armor ability ever besides Armor Lock and Jetpack.


    My solution to Charge (I don't want to remove it because it has some really nice uses for changing direction mid-air, especially out of lifts. And I don't think it nearly as much of an issue at high levels): Increase the time it takes to get to max sprint speed slightly (This has the secondary benefit of a larger "Knock people out of sprint" window), reduce knockback, reduce damage to be either slightly stronger or as strong as a standard melee.

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  6. Health packs would be awesome if they were just implemented exactly like CE (Regen all Health instantly, no "Hold <Button> to pick up") and used the way Silenced ARs are being used now (Replace some of the weapons on map to reduce clutter without actually reducing the number of map items).


    I think turning off health regen would have similar effects on map movement to what 4sk magnum does (another change I think would be good). Players start to be careful to take less damage, slowing down map movement enough that maybe No-Radar doesn't feel "chaotic" any more.

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  7. I had this in my mind for some time. With Halo 5 there was an uprising of new players. Namely Commonly, Eco, Stellur, Eltown, Suspector, Bubu etc. You see those players circling around, changing teams, we have seen like every possible combination of those players (not really but feels like it). And while they can perform, none of them learned to be that leader personality wich you can build around, someone that can keep the mentality of the team in check and unleash their full potential. That is what keeps the from winning events i think. The only younger players which grown to this role are Snakebite and Elumnite wich is actually coach (Lethul has the ability as well i think). It's not like other teams doesnt have the skill really and that is why bad mentality can keep skilful team at the bottom of the board (Spartan and liquid first pro league season). I believe players like Naded, Victory are very vital for their teams and can go far (with the right teammates off). Who among those younger pros you think could step up to this leader role ? I feel like Commonly, Rayne and Cratos could.


    Eco I think has grown into a leader as well. Individually he's a solid player, but that's not why he was such a huge pick-up for Str8 last season. He knows how to play and doesn't mind telling his teammates what to do.

  8. It's just really skewed now because the game is 15 years old and a disproportionately high percentage of the remaining playerbase is made up of very, very seasoned, skilled players. So it seems like those aspects of the game are common knowledge. They're really not though.


    I think the same think could be said about H5 and the movement mechanics. Most players on the forums are at least diamond level players based on general Halo knowledge/residual skill alone, and that's the level advanced movement mechanics slowly stop being optional.


    But this is a good point.

  9. H5 has the worst wall of entry for new players. Even though CE is the harder to master of the entire franchise I would say it's among the easiest to get into.


    Depends on what you find difficult, and where you draw the line for what is considered competent. I think it's hard to argue against H3 as having the lowest barrier to entry (As it is basically H2 without the mechanical difficulty of button glitches and setup-centric gameplay of H2).


    If you are someone who finds memorizing spawn points and nade tricks tedious or difficult, H1 might turn you off before you get very far. If you find mechanical difficulty like H5's movement or H2's button glitches to be difficult, then yes H5 is going to be tough to get into.


    Edit: To clarify, I think it's around the same point in a players development that they'd start needing random spawns in H1 as they would start needing advanced movement or button glitches to keep up with the competition.

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  10. Question: would H5 not fall in this? You can't be a competent player for example if you dont know certain jumps or spawn manipulations i.e spawning a team elbow on Coli CTF. i would imagine most if not all competitive games have that wall due to their very nature


    You'd be surprised. I used to team with a guy who didn't know thrust-sliding was a thing.


    Also, "If no one is standing on Elbow, they'll spawn there and not on top of our flag guy" is a bit easier than "If I stand in this exact spot and jump the moment my teammate is spawning, he will get a random spawn" IMO. You can learn spawn manipulation in most Halos by just playing and getting a "feel" for it.


    There are honestly some very good H5 players that don't really have a solid understanding of the game past general strategies they've copied from watching pros. Shooting really well and attempting to emulate pro players gets you pretty far.

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  11. I'm not saying that Frosty is underrated ... but I've been watching his stream all week, more than normal, and this guy's movement and positioning are not just, like, "really impressive" but more in the neighborhood of "Frosty is literally an A.I. who plays H5 optimally and cannot be stopped by any human being."  When I switch to other streams after Frosty's it feels like I'm watching myself play, I can see little errors everywhere.  Honestly I'm curious to watch his H2A VoD now, if there is any ... maybe this guy was just made to play H5


    Played against Frosty in H2A at G4G. It was the closest I've ever seen to a player single-handedly carrying his team to top-8.


    He's better at Halo 5, but he's been really good since his first tournament at STL 2015 as far as I know.

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  12. Me personally, I hate Halo 5 with a burning fucking passion lol. Doesn't mean I can't see the good aspects of Halo 5. However there are a lot of people who will discredit the games that built Halo like CE, 2 and 3 because they like Halo 5 better.


    For the record, because I'm sure I come off as a Halo 5 shill sometimes, I thoroughly enjoyed every Halo game except Default Reach and H4 when they were the current game. Now the only ones that I get enjoyment out of past nostalgia are H1 and H3 once I get past the aiming (and even with 1 it's more because I like the idea of H1 more than I actually have fun playing it. I find it suffers pretty hard from the same "wall of difficulty" problem that most fighting games deal with. You can't be a competent player without memorizing spawns and randoms along with a few important nade tricks.) I'm critical of the old games because I no longer have fun playing them, the same way many are critical of H5 because they don't have fun playing it.

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  13. Further more the fact that there IS an ideal setup doesn't mean that it's an easy or common thing to accomplish. Most of the time, when teams are scoring, they haven't actually set up a spawn trap, because most of the conditions haven't been met. Yes they would like to create those conditions, but the other team would like to stop that from happening. successful traps are far less common in SH than slayer, because the need to secure, defend, reset the objective, pulls you away from trap positions, which creates many span openings for the enemy, voiding the trap.


    I'd like to add that the ideal "set-up" is a trip-cap where you collapse spawns. No one wants to settle with 2 hills, but usually the flow of the game prevents them from pushing for 3.

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  14. The depth that your reasoning is diving to is so far past the point of applicability that it doesn't even matter if what you're saying is true (which it isn't outside of an extremely controlled bubble of unlikelihood) because strongholds 98% of the time is going to act exactly as we described it.


    For the record with the proper map and stronghold placement it actually could be "pretty okay". Someone would just have to make it.


    I literally play this game every night and we do that to full teams of 4 almost every time we play it. Strongholds on Eden, Plaza, and Rig are my team's 3 best gametypes and we play all three of them the way I described. We push Yard on Plaza and force Blue spawns (again this is what 90% of teams are doing), we push Trip caps on every SH map (Rig being the least frequent just because of how difficult it is to clear out BR base before players start spawning behind you). If anyone is using extremely controlled conditions in their points it is you.

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  15. No, you're right. Strongholds don't influence spawns, but players do. Explain to me how you capture a stronghold without a player standing in it. You act like owning a stronghold still means a team can spawn near it because you don't HAVE to stand in it, but if you're not standing in it you're standing near it guarding it which is the same damn thing.



    And if you're NOT standing near it, then the other team will spawn there and capture the stronghold. So what's your point? Strongholds captured might as well represent where your team is on the map. Am I right?


    You are not. For example, it's fairly easy to cap BR on Rig without blocking Bunker spawns and it's actually easier to defend that hill from white hall/Snipe/Tower than it is by controlling Bunker spawns.


    This is the way every pro team besides E6 wanted to play Rig last season.

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  16. I don't think which one should be removed was the argument, I think just trying nail the point in and be really damn sure about it was the argument.


    Really, it depends on the map itself, and the supporting gametypes around it.


    If we had KOTH, Assualt and Oddball, I would say remove SH


    Since we don't have any of those three in the circuit, I say WHAT THE SHIT IS WRONG WITH YOU 343.


    Oddball and Assault have very serious problems in this game. Both due to the maps we have and the way the gametypes function (Bomb has some really bad spawn issues, and has always suffered from low-scoring, drag out games. Oddball again has spawning issues, and a large "attacking-team" advantage due to movement and the relative power of a numbers advantage in this game.) I'd love to see them but they still need re-worked before being implemented in H5. Solutions to the gametype's issues need to be produced and I haven't really seen that from 343 or the community.


    KOTH, I'll admit I haven't adequately tested. In theory it should suffer from the same issues Oddball does, but to a lesser extent. Something akin to Extraction, where you have to control a point for a set stretch of time and then it moves might be a better answer for this game than classic KOTH. But I do think it should work if something like that can be done.

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  17. The way the map flows (in an ideal scenario) in SH and TS is similar. You force the team to spawn in one corner, you choke their spawn by killing the first 1 or 2 players to push out, then you use your numbers advantage to kill the other two. This forces them to spawn in the opposite corner and you rinse-repeat.


    In practice they flow differently due to 2 factors:


    1. If you are the team that just collapsed, provided you don't have control of the SH you just slayed around, you are delayed while you cap it giving the down team a chance to get into better positions.


    2. In Slayer, the incentive for the down team to push out of those spawns is much lower. It's in their best interest to crouch and wait for a pick before attempting to gain control. This is why I think Slayer compares unfavorably to SH in 4v4.


    Even if you were to convince 343 that Slayer and Strongholds are redundant and one should be removed from competitive play, and they then asked pro players which one should be removed. 99% of pro players would say Slayer. And they would be right.

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  18. Can you give me your websters' definition of a spawn trap?  Because the first part of your statement would be how I'd expect it to read. 


    Spawn trap implies you are preventing them from leaving their spawn (Hence the "trap" part

    ). Forcing spawns away from the objectives you are controlling is just fundamental map control.

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