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  1. Melee combat has the potential to be the deepest coolest part of Halo combat, ESPECIALLY in Halo 5 with thrust and slide.



    Instead they make it more brainless


    I like that you bring this up. If you had to actually aim down to melee someone who was sliding and you could counter someone's lunge with a thrust. Melee fights would be interesting as hell.

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  2. Let's not forget that this all stemmed from one guy saying Evolved was objectively better in every way based off a few games of 2v2 and little to no experience with Halo 5.


    I don't think anyone disagrees that H5 has balance issues, or that a more effective strafe benefits the game. It's just annoying that Evolved is touted as the savior of competitive Halo when it is not and doesn't even try to be. It's a niche game mode with the goal of imitating classic Halo games without the massive sacrifices to skill that other classic modes have made (such as h2 BR starts).


    IMO, it makes some improvements but also takes away some things that I believe add more to the game than they take away. I also think that it's disappointing that no one has taken it upon themselves to make an "H5 Pro-mod" that attempts to maximize the skill-gap of H5 while leaving the Spartan Abilities intact.


    In the end, we should all be more like Hard Way and stop being assholes to eachother because person A likes a mechanic that person B dislikes.

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  3. Anyways


    I've never enjoyed projectile based shooting in shooting games. Unless they use a floating second reticule. The feedback just isn't there. It isn't random, but it feels random. You're essentially aiming at an educated guess you've created in your head. That guess and the game often don't aline and it creates a disjointed, aggregating feeling.


    I love projectiles. I think it adds a level of depth to shooting skill that few other things do (predictable, movement-based spread/recoil and bullet drop are two other really good ones). The problem is that we still live in a world where some people don't have access to cable internet, let alone fiber, and projectiles tend to exacerbate existing latency and netcode issues.


    I'm fine with the majority of games using hitscan until something happens to give people a more consistent experience in online multiplayer. 

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  4. No problem, bud. Happy to be of service. None of you ever say anything in that server (except for that one time 3 idiots from H&P came over, pissed on the floor, and acted incredulous when I called them out on it), so I'm sure it will be a major loss in terms of trash talk in the server to which you actually contribute.


    I think Dan and I were two of the few people who joined with the intention of actually playing in customs. I mainly just wanted to learn more about the settings being used and the reasoning for removing certain things, but I left because it wasn't very active and I'm in more discords than I can easily keep track of.

  5. If you remove the 16,000 points given to pro teams. And remove the points INC/ALG got for the placement cup before UGC.


    INC would be in 5th place

    ALG would be in 6th place

    LG 7th, EG 8th, Pnda 9th


    IMO this makes the most sense by far. At the very least, the pro team bonus should have been the equivalent of winning the placement cup. The fact that Panda's roster could have consisted of Cratos, FuzzyButtons343, RealTomato666, and ColorfulPotato911 and still had guaranteed top-16 placings at both of the HWC LAN qualifiers is hilarious and sad at the same time.

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  6. Thanks man will do.


    I had mine set opposite of that and it was giving me trouble getting used to it. I'm gonna try switching it and see if it help. Thanks for the reply.


    Also try Left Paddle: X and Right Paddle: A. Allows you to thrust without taking your thumb of the right stick, which is IMO the most important advantage of paddles, and also do some tricky mid-fight stabilizing.

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  7. Thruster.


    Take out Spartan charge, make thruster + melee do the same thing but just leave it as an extended melee. Allow thruster pack to break all melee lunge if timed and spaced properly. Keep all of the physics based tech surrounding thruster and make it more commonplace across the playerbase by instituting tutorials or trials like in TF2 so that players can practice their movement skill for score/time/rewards etc.




    ^Me every time someone brings up shimmy


    For me: Stabilize. When someone gets the upper hand on me using stabilize I always feel outplayed rather than cheated. The only other fights in H5 that evoke the same reaction are perfectly timed thrusts in a pistol fight.

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  8. You press a button. Your gun goes down. You enter the sprint animation.


    It's instant sprint as opposed ton the different types of sprint seen in games like perfect dark or half life


    Never played either, but I'm guessing they have a gradual forward acceleration with a high max speed dressed up as a sprint mechanic (Mirrors Edge did this)? Would the anti-sprint crowd consider that an acceptable mechanic?


    There is no reason something like that couldn't replace sprint in Halo and just require a speed over a certain threshold before you are considered "sprinting". Would also do away with the need to have an dedicated sprint button. (Stabilize also never made a ton of sense to me on the sprint button).

  9. What are you basing that on? The #1 most important aspect of a game(especially a MP game) is it's gameplay and sprint fucked up Halo's gameplay.


    The long kill times just don't work with instantaneous sprint. There's a reason recent Halo games are literally the only MP FPS ever to combine instant sprint with 1.00 second + average kill times.


    Define instant sprint. It's definitely not Reach/4/CoD style where you press a button and are instantly moving at max speed. But I doubt that's what you meant.

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  10. There's no way they're tracking that shit. It was designed to look familiar to kids coming in from CoD, but it functions nothing like it.


    I think this is very key. Functional design is super important, and if it looks and feels one way but functions another way, that's gonna turn players off. On the other hand I fill slightly less disoriented in H5 when I get de-scoped vs other halo games. Might have something to do with the more gradual de-scope animation.

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  11. When talking about a game like Halo that needs to appeal to so many different markets, annoying is probably even worse than unbalanced.


    I don't disagree with that. I feel like the things we (Gamers as a whole) tend to find annoying are not necessarily mechanics that are overpowered, but more mechanics that aren't interesting to play against. I think Spartan charge falls firmly into this, which is why I was suggesting counters and changes to sprint to make it more situational as opposed to direct nerfs.

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