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  1. I assume this is all provided the bullet magnetism for the weapon is significantly reduced, right? RNG spread isn't the only factor that makes the current head shot bonus questionable.


    I wouldn't even say significantly reduced, tbh. The original question was basically "How do you make the winner of AR fights less random without nerfing it too much?" And while reducing magnetism would certainly help, It would also significantly nerf the gun considering the state of the rest of the sandbox.


    That was a big part of the reason for my last bullet point, to effectively decrease aim-assist at the ranges that are an issue without nerfing the gun in its close-range fights.

  2. Playing Proving grounds with friends team of 3. I'm Diamond 1, friends are in plat. We match a team of 4 of champions in proving grounds, because our solo was champion. Fuck this game man. That is literally two division difference from me, and THREE for my firends


    Yeah, they loosened the skill matching in FFA and Proving Grounds this weekend because people were having trouble finding games. I've seen some pretty ridiculous matches as a result.


    Edit: Also I will not hesitate to upvote anyone roasting the performance of another member of this thread. It might be petty, but I laugh pretty much every time.

  3. Whats the actual goal we are striving for in changing the radar? Is this supposed to be some sort of compromise between competitive and casual players? Should we be compromising or should we be pushing for the most competitive setting possible? 


    I'd say that, after actually testing no-radar, there was about a 50-50 split among pro players over whether they preferred no radar or default radar. Most of those that preferred radar suggested that an abilities-only radar would address the concerns of both groups (Radar helps prevent people from sprinting around without consequence, but you can still juke people and flank more efficiently than with the default radar).


    It's more of a compromise between two groups of competitive players.

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  4. Probably going to get neg rep'd into oblivion, but does anybody else feel like Overgrowth SH > Empire SH in Proving Grounds?


    Overgrowth SH is a fun gametype, but I'd never want to have to play it in a tournament. Weirdly if any of the test gametypes get in I'd want it to be Torque but it still needs tweaking (The flag should spawn top-base so it's not so impossible to pull it while the other team is spawning).

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  5. Obvious:


    - 1080p+/60fps

    - 90+ FOV.

    - BR spread in the bin.

    - Hitreg improvement.




    - 110% movement speed, 110% damage for the 11 shot BR kills.

    - Slight increase in movement acceleration.

    - 3 hit melee for a kill

    - Reduce Splaser magnetism.

    - Magnum to have a 1.5x scope.

    - Regenerator removed from all maps.

    - Slight need to Warthog gun.

    - Change power ups to "classic" look (just makes it more iconic you know?)

    - "Flag dropped, Flag taken, Flag dropped, Flag taken" fixed.


    11-shot BR isn't really necessary if you take away the spread and improve hit registration, I'd want momentum melees + weight-based melee damage if we're massing with melee damage, and I'd remove all equipment but I suppose It's not really with the spirit of an "Anniversary" title to remove that game's primary gimmick.


    Other than that, pretty much my thoughts exactly.

  6. No matter how spartan charge is balanced it's going to be annoying to die from. It could be the most difficult skilled based mechanic in the game but that doesn't change the fact that seeing some Spartan round the corner with that goofy ass sprinting animation where they're all upright and pumping their arms and then bee line into you is still going to piss people the fuck off. And if it's not fun then take it out of the game.


    Spartan Charge suffers from the counter-play problem. It's fun to charge people (Not very interesting, but it is fun), but it's not fun or interesting when someone is charging you. Reducing the magnetism to make it more common to side-step it or dodge it with cover, reducing the knockback to make it more straight-forward to counter it with a 3-shot beatdown, and allowing Thrust to break the lunge tracking (For the love of god if this isn't in H6 I'll be nettled) are all things that solve the problem of uninteresting counter-play.


    If changes like that ever happen and everyone still has problems with the mechanic, well I have some Sirlin articles you might enjoy.

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  7. Remove splinters from top mid on mercy strongholds



    Completely remove empire slayer. It doesn't work. It never will. It's not fun




    Get rid of the carbine on every map. I'm so frustrated that every map especially slayer is about dominating rifles and theirs nothing pistols can do long range. It really makes me not want to play anymore and I like this game


    Carbine only really causes problems on Truth from my experience. Would like to see slower re-spawns on rifles in general, though, and I think Truth would be the perfect place to try Tactical magnum as a pickup weapon (instead of BR/Carbine).

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  8. New Radar (Pre-Thoughts)


    1. Currently, with the Vanilla Radar, the custom game settings indicate that Clambering does not trigger radar, which is peculiar to me, because it does, as far as I'm aware (I think its dependent on Crouching and/or the angle of the Clamber?)
    2. Playing around with the proposed radar settings felt really solid. Thrusting causes you to appear for a fraction of a second, and could easily be something that you will miss during faster gameplay settings. Silenced weapons are also an entirely new sandbox element that will become more important as well. I'd definitely love to see Tac Magnums and more implemented in future Arena refreshes.
    3. Personally, I think that either Clamber or Stabilize will need to be invisible to radar. At first, I thought Stabilize would be the better option because it allows you to fluidly make skillful jumps without Clambering, but now that I'm thinking about it, the audio from Stabilize is already so loud that appearing on Radar isn't too different of an indicator. I think keeping Clamber 100% off Radar might be the better option since a lot of simple map movements are dependent on it, whereas Stabilizer and Boost Jumps tend to be more drastic movement and repositioning.




    Would like to hear your thought processes :)


    I'm hoping we can keep clamber off motion sensor. It's basically required for a lot of pretty standard jumps and already has the intrinsic punishment of the animation length (Though I think be ok with trying a compromise that involves upping clamber speed to keep it on radar). Ideally you'd only show up when sprinting (T-ing up a spartan charge) or charging up a gound pound since those are offensive moves but that's just my opinion.


    idk, I think clamber should show up on radar. Your in a bad position (most likely you died, or fell) so your using a advanced mobility option to get to somewhere better. I think you should be punished by being in the worse position having to use clamber to get up top. I'm imagining standing on catwalk on coli and a guy being maze-just off spawn being able to clamber up to melee you and you have no idea.


    I see your logic, but I think the number of jumps that require either a clamber or a stabilize is too high. It's not so much an advanced movement mechanic as it was a way for 343 to shorten the jump height without gimping movement.


    Clamber shouldn't be on radar neither stabilize.


    I tend to agree.

  9. It's weird, they got so bad so quick. IIRC PGL Indianapolis was one of the better H2A events.


    Indy was a good example of what happens when collaboration is done right. They brought in Voodoo and the Roberts brothers (The people behind P5) for tournament operations and just let them do their thing, they had Lenox still running production for HCS and he's IMO one of the best in the business, PGL rented a bunch of UGC's equipment for the mainstage setup (the metal bars/lights/smoke machine) and secured a good location at Indy PopCon which is a pretty big convention (and there were definitely a few spectators that came over from the con as well).

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  10. Only thing that really jumped at me on your post.


    When I see your rationale for wanting headshot multipliers i.e encouraging precision use with the autos I can definitely see where it comes from, however on a gun with spread that as far as I'm aware is random after the second shot (may even be the first shot, not too sure) would that really be a good idea? It kind of reminds me of bloom in that sense, because lets say a guy is mid range fighting with the AR while spraying against an opponent who is pacing his shots (obviously this is not a ideal situation, but lets use it for sake of an argument). The spraying player gets a headshot and a kill because in that scenario, the spread went into his favor


    Would it not be best to minimize the randomness of spread thats present in Halo's autos by removing the multipliers and making damage the same across all parts of the body? Just what I'm thinking when I read that


    Personally I think spread is the least elegant way to balance autos, so tbh I'd ideally have autos with significant, predictable recoil (based on movement would be my preference) and leave the headshots as they are. If spread has to exist, then I'd like to see headshots turned off past a certain level of bloom (say after the 3rd sprayed bullet).


    I agree in principle that headshots and spread don't play well together, but my exp in H5 doesn't lead me to believe that removing headshots fromt the AR would be much help.



    Or they could give us an option to disable it like Assassinations. (Yeah, I'm aware it can be used for jumps. I don't care, I just want to melee when I press the fucking melee button goddammit.)



    Yeah this should definitely be a toggle-able option.

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  11. I'm excited about the new radar changes.


    Only firing non-silenced weapons and using spartan abilities will make you show. Range increased from 18 to 25m.


    Starts in a test playlist on the 9th


    I'm hoping we can get stabilize/ground pound removed from the list of things that make you show up. Stabilize at the least.


    Really like all the changes from this new update, tbh.

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  12. Grenades:

    -Bring back instasploding or whatever it's called. Looks like this: https://youtu.be/xtMnP8rpkkA?t=255

    -Reduce Frag grenade radius of "popping shields" with a grenade. There is actually a radius where you take no damage but lose your shields, and the opponent gets hitmarkers. That's just free intel for lobbing a grenade into a room basically. 

    -Pulse Nades need a nerf of some kind, i.e the damage could start low then let the damage increase on it as it lays there longer, or have it last a shorter amount of time. 


    Close Quarter Combat:

    -Make thrusterpacks be a counter to dodging melee lunges.

    -Make melees register immediately during a jump fall (idk why this doesnt register right away).

    -Reduce overall lunge radius/hitbox to add a precision skill gap to using melees.



    -Remove headshot multipliers.

    -Add Recoil (To add a recoil skill gap).

    -Slow player movement speed when holding down trigger(risk and reward for trying to cheese someone with an auto).

    -Remove zoom from autos.


    Spartan noises:

    -Make spartan footsteps be reduced to very silent unless they're sprinting or falling from a platform. 



    -You shouldn't spawn on your teammate if you're teammate is weak. Nothing is more annoying then someone who's weak getting free help from a spawner. 


    Definitely rather pulse grenades do less damage than have them last for less time. Let them do their job of limiting movement options.


    Melees don't register immediately when jumping so the game can tell if you are trying to ground pound or not. This should be considered as a necessary part of the Ground Pound mechanic unless GP is re-mapped to not share the melee button.


    I disagree with basically the whole automatic changelist. I'd have headshot multipliers on every weapon if I could. Adding to the recoil wouldn't be the worst thing, but I'd prefer the bloom just be more punishing. Slowing down players for shooting is basically reverse sprint, I can't imagine anyone would like the feel of being slowed for shooting. Removing or reducing the zoom bonuses would be ok, but the way I see it zoom and headshots encourage players to burst fire and actually aim with autos as opposed to holding the trigger and pointing it in the general direction of the other player. (It also helps make up for the small ammo count of the magnum by being usable outside of its ideal range.


    Spawning on weak teamates: As a general philosophy I want to agree with this, but from my experience in this game it's much more annoying to have the other team spawn into a perfect flank than spawn into the same trapped spot their teammate is in.


    I 100% agree with anything I didn't address in my response.


    These are compromises for a broken mechanic. Sprint should not be in Halo. Period.


    This is part of the problem. Dealing in absolutes and dismissing any form of compromise just makes it easy to dismiss your feedback as close-minded impossible to please.


    Lately I've started to think the closest thing to making everyone happy would be an auto-sprint (like what was originally planned for h2). Have a slower forward acceleration and a faster base speed, then lock mechanics like slide to people moving at max speed. You remove the button press and the inability to shoot while doing it, but you keep the animation and the abilities that are tied to it.

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  13. At ugc the bracket was already fucked going because instead of splyce having the 9th seed because they won the seeding tourney, 343 randomly had seeding be based on games lost. so instead of playing pnda first round, they ended up playing eg, which screwed eg. That to me is worse than the point bonus.


    There were a lot of things wrong with the seeding/format of STL. 1 single-elim seeding tournament led to ALG being in an 8-way tie for the 9 seed in open (among many other bad seeds for good teams), 8th seed in champ was treated as a bye since there was no 8th pro team (instead of just giving bubu's team that slot which winning the seeding cup should have earned them), and since time didn't allow for the open bracket to be played out those same bad seeds were going to cause some insane first round matchups for champ bracket (such as ALG vs NV). W/L seeding for open teams was a band-aid to prevent some of those bad seeds from sending good teams home too early.

  14. Who else would count the frames


    No need to count frames when you have access to source code.




    Also I pretty much have the same thoughts as Snakebite on the matter. I would only want to work on a game if I could actually affect change in it. A Q/A guy can say there is a problem with X gun or Y map all he wants, but at the end of the day it's the sandbox designers and the level designers that decide what changes get made and the magnitude of those changes.

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  15. We need to assemble a god squad


    @@MultiLockOn - Map Designer

    @@Hard Way - Sandbox Designer

    @@arglactable - Sound Designer

    @@OG Nick - Developer 

    @@Kell Of Scots - PR

    @@-DeucEy- - Programmer

    @@Cooper - posterchild

    @@zZunair , @@bunniesz23 , @@Devaneaux - QA

    @@Frankie - Janitor


    It'd be like the episode where the all the fuckin Red Rangers team up


    I always envision myself working on sandbox, tbh.


    Edit: Seems I'm not the only one, lmao.

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