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  1. Oddball on Truth and Rig. Would probably take some tweaking to make it work, ie. fiddling with ball carrier traits and score to win to make games not go to time too incredibly often, and changing Truth to not use the Assault spawn zones. But I'm sure a lot of people would love to have one of their favorite gametypes back.
  2. Self-awareness isn't a trait that the moron possesses. Therefore you must not be.
  3. Dmg/Death and DMG/Min tell you so much more about how someone is playing than KDA and K/D. Never felt like K/D was that great of a stat in teams, tbh. I've been tinkering with some ideas were you'd essentially "forgive" deaths for doing the objective and use that + DMG/D to give sort of a general player ranking.
  4. H4 is the only Halo game that I didn't play throughout it's lifespan.
  5. Imagine if fighting game developers had followed this mindset. All of the awesome combos you see in those games came originally from very similar animation canceling glitches. It's not breaking the game if they are put there intentionally and balanced around.
  6. I still pretty much always play on focused. If I can't find a match, then I either get off, play server browser octagons, or jump on an alt.
  7. We technically already have variable jumping with spring jumps. It even makes sense from a physics perspective to jump higher out of a crouch. The set-up of jumping into it and landing crouched probably does seem a bit arbitrary, though. Personally if replacing clamber is the goal I'd like to see a wall-jump that's limited to 1 or 2 jumps before hitting the ground and resetting the timer. In most situations that currently need clamber, wall-jumps would function almost exactly the same with the bonus of keeping your gun up.
  8. Think about it guys. Forge team implemented wall-running, I think this is a sign. Gonna have to adapt harder than ever.
  9. I understand both sides. The only reason it's an issue is because the rules weren't enforced the same way at OC.
  10. It seems they aren't being allowed to play through open with Suspector as a 4th since he's on a current pro team.
  11. Part of me wants to tell you to stop playing like it's 49-49 Lockout TS. The other part thinks, yeah a timed objective like a stationary hill in the middle of the map probably isn't a bad idea to prevent cases like this.
  12. I haven't liked Slayer for a long time, but I think it still has a place. IMO we only need 4 slayer maps (OBJ/OBJ/TS/OBJ/TS for Bo5 and OBJ/OBJ/OBJ/TS/OBJ/OBJ/TS for Bo7, that way you don't have to replay TS maps in a Bo7 reset, you play TS for elimination games, and you can't finish a series without a TS), and we need a new objective mode to fill out the remaining gametypes. We can get really close to Extraction with scripting, but either you'd have your gun up the entire time (implementing with Strongholds hills) or you'd have to hold an objective the entire time (implementing using the assault bomb or the flagnum). Oddball and KOTH both have problems with the combination of faster re-spawns and faster movement. Leading to lower scoring games than in the past. I don't think that's inherently bad, but there is probably some adjusting that needs to be done with score-to-win unless 343 becomes open to slower re-spawns in OBJ.
  13. I mean in an ideal world I'd have the AR basically only have aim assist in melee range and do away with the spread all together. I've always thought it was odd why FPS developers insist on introducing randomness in every gunfight. Removing headshots past a certain level of spread is just a patch for reducing the delta for the randomness (Instead of 3 possibilities: Headshot, Body Shot, and Miss occurring due to spread, now you only have Hit or Miss) without reducing the ability to kill faster by aiming better. I keep trying to pull it back to the original topic of "How do you increase the skill gap of the AR without decreasing the overall effectiveness?" By that premise, removing the headshots would have to be, in some way, accompanied with an equivalent buff. Same thing goes for increases in spread, decreases in aim assist, decreases in base damage, etc. It also has to be a roughly equivalent change across all skill levels according to what was said in the article (nerfing aim assist alone doesn't accomplish this, as ease-of-use nerfs impact lower levels significantly more).
  14. We really need to start taking advantage of observer mode for things like this as well. Most people don't want to see AM matches because they tend to be more lopsided and, earlier in the bracket at least, lower quality gameplay. Also TOs don't usually know the AM scene well enough to reliably pick good matches for mainstage (I've had 3 game 5 series at H5 LANs, and none were on stream). Using observer mode we can jump into matches like this mid-series to fill the downtime with what is essentially "The best games of the AM bracket" should please everyone I would think.
  15. There's a reason I didn't party up with him. He's fun to play with when he's doing well, but the moment he starts going neg he starts playing passive and raging.
  16. I think most would agree that 15 shots in the magnum clip would be ideal, but given that that isn't an option, I would really like to see extended mag pistol. 1 extra clip would also be an improvement. At the very least, there should be 2-3 pistols on every map placed in transitional areas to make sure players who move around the map always have pistol ammo available (Tbh this should probably go along with either of the other options). On the topic of "free" rifles, I feel like they are often necessary to help prevent snowballing. If I spawn in Blue on Plaza while the other team has full control in a Slayer, my push is going to succeed like 1/10 times without that BR. I think the neutral rifles in power positions are the big problem. It's like leader traits where the leader gets bonus aim assist and range.
  17. The idea is that 5 accel makes up for the slower horizontal turning.
  18. Just from having played with and against them both a fair bit and keeping up with all the major tournaments. Being fast and pressing your advantages is just so important in Halo (and more important than ever in H5) and there are a handful of really good players from previous games that seem to struggle to do that with the pace of H5. Maniac and, to a lesser extent, Cloud are the biggest examples of this.
  19. To be fair, Rob has been better than Maniac for most of H5. He may come off as salty or whatever but he's not wrong.
  20. People in my fireteam today have been calling it the HCS Slayer playlist.
  21. IIRC someone suggested this to 343 and they liked the idea a while back. Wouldn't be surprised to see it in the future. Basically have the waypoint go away after a set period of time like 10 seconds.
  22. No indication has been given that SMGs will be gone. What we do know is that ARs will 100% not be replacing them on the maps
  23. Thank you. Also @Larry Sizemore weapon pads are a net improvement for the game. I've said this in the past, but the impact they have on high-level games is almost non-existant (good players all know the times, so it was already very rare for power weapons to go uncontested) and they improve the experience significantly for lower level players by introducing them to the strategy around obtaining a contested pickup (a problem they never would have had to solve in previous games). They aren't necessary, by any means, but it's always struck me as an odd thing for people to pick on. Basically only hurts the experience for pub-stompers and the "betray for sniper" types, both groups who usually negatively influence the experience of other players anyways.
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