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  1. LOL yeah. I remember the 5 shot BR from H4. that was awful.


    Lots of complaining about the BR right now.  I think everybody needs to chill for a couple days and just play the game.


    The problem with running a playtest when one thing is glaringly broken, is that it distracts from other things that might be broken. I felt like the Carbine was much more tolerable, but I don't know if that's true because everyone has a BR with similar ease of use to counter it with. Same thing goes for basically all of the guns they've changed. The only things that I can definitively say are improved are the Railgun and the Radar and that's only because we already know that the new Radar works better and because the Railgun changes are obvious and almost unanimously agreed upon as needed.

  2. Halo only has 1 of the genres 4 big pillars: equals starts.It doesn't have fast paced skillful movement, the high emphasis on map/pickup control that games like ut and quake have, or pickups (halo only has weapon pickups.It doesn't have health or armor pickups). Those are just the big 4 I could list off minor differences like regenerating health,lack of verticality, melees not being tied to a specific weapon, concept of a utility weapon, concept of a power weapon, completely different functioning sandboxes,and the ability to carry more than 2 weapons.Like I said before it's not an arena shooter.


    I think it's fair to call H1 an arena shooter. It doesn't fit perfectly with the rest of the genre, and it's the only Halo game that really fits at all, but it definitely hits the core values of arena shooters. If anything, the biggest deviation from traditional arena shooters is how powerful you are off of spawn, and like you said you don't have to run around the map to regenerate your shields.

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  3. I mean Huke is going back to cod after that which means after Lethul gets kicked he will join nv


    Huke leaving for CoD might cause some interesting stuff to happen. Saiyan I think is the best player outside of the top-4 and I would be surprised if he isn't fielding offers from both NV and TL either after Denver or during the roster change period. I don't expect to see Splyce or Optic change unless Denver is a repeat of ATL, but I don't think Splyce will be as dominant with a season for Optic/NV/TL to catch up.

  4. It's functionally almost identical, but ADS covers up a portion of the screen compared to classic zoom. More importantly though, it makes Halo extremely generic looking and on some weapons it's downright ******** that they have zoom now. (e.g. Sword and Hammer) The first time I saw the H5 gameplay leak I literally though it was a troll that uploaded a CoD trailer with a shiny filter over it.


    Yeah melee weapons with zoom has led to some comical shit and was part of the reason sword eventually got taken out. I do like the minimalist zoom-in transitions and overlays (Minus weapon taking up space) the that came along with ads, but there's no reason we can't have the best of both worlds. Literally just take the current stuff and make the gun fade out as the zoom animation plays.


    Edit: @Apoll0 On the splash damage hitmarkers, would you say all splash damage weapons period or when weapons get only splash damage on a shot. Would make a difference for weapons like the Railgun and Plasma pistol that have splash but not as a primary function.

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  5. Well when you ate lagging you do get hit markers when aiming at their head and you won't necessarily kill them because their head wasn't really there. My internet is beyond fucked and this happens constantly. And there are times where you will get a hitmarker when your reticle is above their head, then move your reticle down and somehow get the headshot. So idk.


    Living the DSL life, trust me I understand. I guess I just tend to assume everything is going to count as a body shot.

  6. I don't know why people keep equating hitmarkers to hit detection and registration. The game on your end could be feeding you hitmarkers, but not actually registering. Lag doesn't suddenly change this. I see it on a consistent basis in every game with hitmarkers.


    H5 literally doesn't do this. Hitmarkers come from the server, so if you see one, you hit them. That's why hitmarkers are often delayed on high-latency connections.


    I hate when I hear people raging about getting hitmarkers and people not dying.

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  7. I just went down the rabbit hole of this kid's tweets, I guess he's trying really hard to be pro and is taking a lot of AP classes, or something.  I thought I'd heard of most AM players, I guess not ...


    Conner is pretty well known among the AM community. He's not terrible, the type of player you expect to get out of the first round but not much further, but he's mostly known for saying things like this on twitter and talking more trash than his gameplay can back up.


    Not a bad dude though, just immature.

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  8. Is that a serious rumor? 


    Just speculation based on the fact that H5 is still declining and H6 is a year out.


    I don't think that will happen, though I wouldn't be surprised if they scale the HCS back a bit or cave to popular demand and do H3 on Xbone for Spring/Summer 2018. I think they at least understand that reviving a completely dead scene (such as when HCS first began) is a lot harder than bringing new life into a smaller existing scene (such as the first worlds season for H5).

  9. I'm sure it's been brought up before, but what are people's thoughts on movement speed being dependent on weapon in hand. Similar to CS. Faster with pistol, slow with rockets/snipe etc.


    In general I like it, but that would just move us further away from the arena feel most people seem to want. Personally I wouldn't mind it if it was subtle and used as a way to buff the starting weapon a bit.

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  10. My thoughts on the format for ATL:

    Bo3 is bad. I understand using it in a pinch when there are time limitations, as there were this weekend, but designing the bracket better can cut down the number of matches played and allow more Bo5s. Also favor Bo5 in losers where possible, I'd like to never see another team get eliminated in a Bo3 again.

    Actually make the relegation teams play through the open bracket. This improves the bracket by cutting the number of rounds (each round adds down time and more matches) and helps make seeds meaningful. Just make them seeds 1 and 2 with no extra byes and play until you have 2 teams left and they are the new pros. Turnover in the 7/8 teams keeps the bottom pro teams motivated and helps push new AM talent to the top.

    Only invite the top 2 EU teams, if any. I personally like having international teams, but it does take away champ bracket spots from deserving NA teams. The 4th best EU team isn't making it out of open in NA, but they automatically get a better placing than some better AM teams (I'd estimate there are 4 teams outside of T16 that would beat them in a series).

    Don't seed EU teams 7-10. This is self explanatory. (I originally thought placing them in open might be a good idea but it's unlikely, and would put EU teams into what amounts to an NA relegation tournament). I would give the two new pro teams (top 2 from open) the 7/8 seeds and place the EU teams 9/10, then the remaining 6 spots go to the 3-8 open teams, seeded by their open placing, then by points.

    We need individual seeding for AM teams, or looser restrictions on team changes. Literally half of the AM teams in the relegation tournament went into open with no seed and this hurt the accuracy of open bracket results almost as much bo3s did. I'd suggest instead of a team losing all their points for changing more than one player, they receive a penalty (Maybe a quarter of their points). Something like this will allow am teams the roster flexibly they need to put together the best possible lineups. We should reward roster stability, but no team should be making the choice between a roster they are comfortable with or a chance to get knocked into losers early (and probably bracket bust a few teams there in turn). In an ideal world we have something like CSR/Elo for HCS seeds, but this would be a step in the right direction.

    Had fun, but we can always to better. Sad I won't make it out the Denver.

    Edit: Can someone tag Timo/Tashi? Can't figure tagging on mobile out.


    @@Timo @@Tashi

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  11. What about the recharge time?


    I think it's a stretch to suggest that H5s shield times are significantly different from previous games, but I could understand lengthening it a bit to counteract the escapabilty element Spartan abilities introduce.


    It just sucks that's this is even a conversation. So many modifications to consider just to shoehorn Spartan abilities into the sandbox.


    2 seconds. I much prefer longer delay + shorter recharge time so there are fewer "I shot them while they were recharging so I have to guesstimate how weak they are" scenarios, so I'd probably leave the charge time itself alone.

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  12. You are still vulnerable for a while in H5... it's like 4 or 5s... the difference is you can put all sorts of distance Between yourself and your attacker thanks to the Spartan abilities in h5...




    I'm bot sure how accurate this is, but



    Shows H5 as having a longer delay and recharge time that h2/3


    Just checked a clip I had saved and that's not the most accurate. H5's recharge delay is 4 seconds, but it often seems longer due to sprint resetting the timer. Something like 4.5 or even 5 seconds would probably help stop kills from getting away significantly while still being reasonable. Though personally, I think the problems with kills getting away in H5 are a bit overstated.

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  13. You always state this as a negative thing for Oddball but it's exactly the reason why I DO like oddball.


    How can your team maintain control while sacrificing a gun on the battlefield?

    It creates an entirely new way to play and that's why it's my favorite Halo gametype.


    I prefer KOTH but I agree with you on this. If you hold up Oddball, KOTH, and Strongholds and compare the skills emphasized by each I feel like KOTH shares similarities with both while Oddball and SH only really share the time-management aspect. If the goal of different gametypes is to test the widest variety of different skills, then Oddball and SH does that better than SH and KOTH.


    And this is coming from someone whose favorite gametypes in H3/Reach/H2A were all KOTH.


    Edit: also I'd like to think Assault would work very well if we think outside the box a little with changes to the gametype. Allowing throwing (not throw-in scores, that's obviously lame) to give players a way to move the ball in quickly, or simply giving the ball carrier full access to all the movement options would go a long way. Changes to goal size and arm-time don't help when the biggest problems are spawns and not being able to move the bomb in quickly enough.

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  14. Oddball on Rig would be awful. It'd be Pit KotH spawn issues all over again.


    I could definitely see that being the case, on the other hand it's one of maybe 4 maps in H5 where holding traditional set-ups is viable. And it played pretty well in the lobbies I played in. Granted this was about a year ago.


    oddball on eden or empire could work well though


    Have tested most maps for Oddball. Empire was pretty bad, Eden was fun (A little easy to rotate the ball around, but that may be a good thing for H5), Truth was the best symmetrical map by a lot.

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  15. I can see your point on the "stale" feeling. Do you guys think that more players feel this way?


    Also, what map/mode combos would you guys like to see be tested?


    Oddball on Truth and Rig. Would probably take some tweaking to make it work,  ie. fiddling with ball carrier traits and score to win to make games not go to time too incredibly often, and changing Truth to not use the Assault spawn zones. But I'm sure a lot of people would love to have one of their favorite gametypes back.

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