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  1. If cross-mapping is enough of a problem to switch the starting weapon, I'm not sure why the logical solution wouldn't instead be "Just cut the RRR of anything currently deemed too easy to cross map with by 5-10m and call it a day". If rifles performed too well at close ranges for them to fill the niche 343 wanted them to, why isn't the logical solution "Just reduce the unscoped magnetism of anything that is doing too well at close range". One of the best things about Halo 5 is that the guns shoot straight and recoil isn't a hassle to deal with.


    In theory I do like the idea of gunfighter flagnum to put the flag carrier at a bit of a disadvantage.

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  2. P5 makes mistakes but they also get overlooked when doing a great job. It's usually the collaboration and miscommunication that ends up screwing things up - not Martin, Austen or Dylen individually. They are the type of people we need at the top. Passionate Halo fans who want to see us grow and prosper.


    As for your requests, David, I don't see an issue with any of them. In fact, some say presentation is everything.



    I'll second this. I feel like people don't realize how much the players love having those guys running things. Dudes bend over backwards and do whatever they can to make events as enjoyable as possible for players.

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  3. I can think of one very good reason.


    Literally can't be worse than RNG. Two teams with the same seed: One plays a team that competes for 1st in every cup and the other plays a team that gets top-32 but doesn't lose points to team changes. Why leave it up to a coin toss?


    Hopefully we get individual points so there are only a couple of teams without seeds as opposed to like half the teams losing their seeds from roster changes.

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  4. Since we're talking about MLG and TOs/Circuit formats I'll pitch my ideal setup:


    MLG runs Majors/HWC. These are the equivalent to our current season finals and we have 3-4 a year. Any reputable TO is allowed to host Minor events with a small contribution to the prize pool from 343 and with seeding points available. There are 2 types of seeding: Individual seeding points that can be earned through Majors, Minors, MS Store tournaments, and Online cups/ladders. Team-based seeding for teams who get top-16 at a Major (these points supersede individual points and require 3/4 original players or 2/4 and the coach to maintain).


    I also don't see any reason why we couldn't use matchmaking CSR to break ties in seeding. Anything we can do to lessen the RNG in brackets.

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  5. https://www.razerzone.com/gaming-controllers/razer-wolverine-ultimate-for-xbox-one?gclid=CjwKCAjw7MDPBRAFEiwAppdF9HS9CEgjk7QOERv2KZwqaQT3RY4YgOxAhfaKhrGlJlgc5S36GS9CJBoC72wQAvD_BwE



    Anyone else seen this or given it a shot? My hands are just not meant to claw and I'm tired of going through bumpers on the Scuf and Elite. Took a shot on this and so far I really do like it, hopefully the bumpers last longer.


    Battle Beaver and Cinch both offer extra buttons on S controllers. Haven't had any problems with the bumpers on the S controller after going through 1-2 every month on the Gen 2 controller.


    Battle Beaver also has smart triggers which essentially change the trigger to a button. This was super good when AR starts were a thing, it doesn't matter much anymore. And they do increased stick tension which I know a lot of people like.

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  6. Wanted to chime in on yesterday's montage discussion. Even today I think the Str8 teamtage and Walshy's final H2 montage are two of the best out there. There were some other great ones from H3, but at some point I think editors lost track of the reason people watched montages and focused too much on effects and not enough on highlighting the gameplay. I think the same thing happens to an extent in all art forms where some people make content for the approval of their peers instead of focusing on who the end consumer is.


    5 second multikills, while IMO not as big a problem as some make it out to be, does make clips longer and you end up over-editing to get a faster pacing if that's what you want.

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  7. You could say aiming was weird in H3 but I'll take a weird system over one that feels sluggish/laggy to me.


    This bugs me as someone who has put in roughly the same amount of time into H3/Reach/H5 and quite a bit of time into H2A. In purely terms of the aiming system being intuitive and similar to other FPS on the market I'd rank H2A>Reach>H5>H3 and if you account for the fact that H5 has had heavy aim patched and doesn't suffer from frequent frame drops (Which undeniably makes aiming feel less responsive) I'd go so far as to say H2A>H5>Reach>H3.


    It's drastically easier to play CoD or Overwatch or Paladins or even Destiny and switch back to H5 than it is to play one of those games and play H3, and I think it's because (at least in my case) you didn't switch between H3 and other games, you just played H3. You didn't have anything to compare it to so the aiming wasn't scrutinized nearly as much as it probably should have been.


    I really tried to get into H3 again after backwards compatibility came out and even busted out my 360 when it didn't seem to be running as smoothly as I remembered. It just is never going to compare favorably to our memory of it when we were teenagers.

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  8. If you want to add an OBJ to Slayer I think you merge it with KOTH or Oddball. Say you get 2 points for a kill instead of 1 if you control the objective. The problem with that would be that it only encourages the down team to play even more passive, and the team with control would effectively have one less player to make pushes with.


    Maybe you do a single territory/stronghold that moves once captured and the team with the most recent capture gets the bonus points.


    343 have been there, done that. Strongholds isn't that good.


    Slayer is worse but it's so ingrained in the average players mind and their perception of what is and isn't "Halo" that it would be a PR nightmare to remove it. And the changes the game itself would have to go through to make Slayer better without altering the gametype are significant and in some cases unrealistic.

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  9. Slayer is clearly the most boring gametype at this point, and has been in any game after CE really. Some sort of secondary objective besides powerup and power weapon control would be neat, but I can't think of anything that isn't either pointless or completely broken.


    I always liked the premise of Invasion Slayer from Reach in theory. You score points by getting kills, but in order to obtain certain power weapons, you have to control a hill for a certain amount of time. To apply this to standard 4v4 Halo it would have to be relatively fast to unlock the weapon and the weapon would have to be strong enough to offset the cost of sitting in the hill. So you would essentially lock the "Tier 1" power weapons like Rockets or Railgun (anything that a team more or less has to control in order to win) behind an objective.


    Or you know, ditch slayer in competitive 4v4.

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  10. The lowkey optimal control scheme is Fishtick with A/B paddles. You get access to everything except weapon switch and reload/pickup without taking your thumbs off the sticks and you get the easy spring jumps that come with A-jump and B-crouch. You could argue for H4 or Southpaw, but I definitely think it's one of those 3.


    Edit: or Green Thumb. I forgot it existed for a second.

  11. i don't think they've spent $10M on HCS so far but i agree with you that the prize money is crazy inflated and will be adjusted


    nothing about the prize money made sense, they could have invested less in prize money and had smaller more frequent events 


    million dollar events are hype but we don't need that right now imo


    it's better to have an esports program (which you can monetize to offset the production costs) and traditional marketing than just traditional marketing by itself


    This. I think the real next step is to integrate the Microsoft store tournaments with the HCS and have smaller, regional tournaments alongside the big season-enders (Since we're all assuming pro-league is gone moving forward). Give players more chances to show up on LAN and build our local scenes back up.


    For this to work best, I think ideally we move away from points-based team seeding to individual elo-based seeding. IDK how the exact logistics behind this would work, but just make a "Playlist" and run every tournament match through the CSR system.

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  12. Spawns need fixed, framerate drops on all of the maps I've played so far, and the shield recharge delay is a bit much (This is a great solution for discouraging players from sprinting around, but it's too much and the playlist doesn't even feature sprint). Hopefully the tuning patch will get the BR to a better state so it's a more suitable starting weapon for this playlist and get the AR to a point it's not on even ground with the BR in a lot of engagements.


    I like the playlist and I'm sure I'll play it every once in a while when I'm feeling a break from sweaty games, but I definitely still prefer the current HCS settings.

  13. Playing Hologram in Reach was like maining a low-tier in a fighting game. You have to put in 3x the effort to be on even footing with everyone else. The 1 or 2 times you actually successfully use it in a given game aren't worth it.


    The throwback playlist is fun. I think they went overboard with the shield recharge rate, but I see what they were going for. Would personally have more fun with it if it was pistol start and still had Thrust/Stabilize (Combo and Needler are legit power weapons without thrust). Also would def have more fun with No Radar/AR and maps without crippling framerate lag.

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  14. Pretty spot on. Doom has a "haste"pickup that not only makes you run faster but makes all the guns shoot faster. Pretty much combines DB and speed boost. Cool powerup imo


    Yeah I've always thought of the ideal Speed Boost/Haste power-up as: "What if my spartan was on meth?"


    All animations would be faster (Weapon switch, reload, grenades, all of it), he'd move a little faster but mainly the acceleration would be buffed, and maybe shoot a little faster but not enough that it would overlap in usage with a Damage Boost.


    In Halo 5 it seemed like a missed opportunity that it didn't drastically increase animation speeds because that would have felt really strong in a game where everything moves so fast.

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  15. Does anyone know about the legal aspects of remaking maps from other franchises? I imagine literally ripping all the textures could get a dev into trouble, but is the bare geometry also protected by copyright and could result in said dev getting sued?


    Brick for brick remakes are definitely infringement. More so if you use any of the original assets like textures or models. I remember in my forge days, Bungie wouldn't consider any direct remakes for matchmaking due to copyright concerns.

  16. That is one of my favorite maps of all time. I'm am glad they didn't remake it for halo 5 though.  Would be ass with the H5 mechanics.


    At least a faithful remake would be. Something like Truth where they adjusted a few things without drastically changing the flow of the map probably would have worked pretty well still. Maybe a couple more elevation changes to make the map more vertical and movement feel less hectic and beefier structures to help limit the sniper a little.

  17. I am ok with this IF the reticle returns to the original starting position before the next trigger pull.  The adjustment i want to have to make is how high to aim at a target based on its distance from me.  i don't want to have to push my thumbstick down between trigger pulls to adjust. That's just annoying.


    So much this. There's nothing that turns me off a shooter more than having to fight the reticle to aim right where it was to begin with.

  18. The real tragedy in all this is that we can't play with the weapons in custom games....  The BR might be better or worse if its a pickup vs magnums instead. but we wont know unless they decide to let us try in the playlist. Weapons like the AR, GL, DMR and Railgun are hard to get reps with to form an accurate opinion. THAT is where the feedback is going to be sorely lacking and im incredibly disappointed in that shortcoming.


    I agree. They probably already have plenty of BR feedback, so it might be a good idea to go AR/Magnum starts for a week or DMR/GF starts to get more data on those weapons.


    I also worry that there are too many moving parts in this playtest. Making major changes to the BR/GF later in the test will make it really hard to use the data and feedback they've collected from the other guns.


    I'm stuck in a weird limbo of not wanting to play the test playlist because I don't enjoy it, but also wanting to help influence the direction of the game I play the most (Requiring that I play the test playlist and try to explain on Waypoint why I don't like half of the changes).

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  19. Just because 343 is doing something a lot of others aren't, doesn't mean it's a bad idea...


    Come on guys, remove the name of the developer from the equation and judge the process on its own merits.  In this case, the positives (less bias, however small it may be) far outweigh the negatives.  Lets be honest here, the only real negatives are the "thats not what other devs are doing" whining and we can't satisfy our curiosity.  Neither of which are very compelling arguments.


    Believe it or not, just because "343 is doing it", doesn't automatically make something bad....


    I agree and disagree. They don't have to release the numbers, just tell us what was changed. The "remove bias" line seems like an excuse for them to try and make a bunch of changes we would know from the patch notes weren't good.

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