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  1. What round did you make it to in the FFA? It seemed pretty weak until about round 3.
  2. Looking for H2A To4 scrimmages. Gt: bunniesz23 Scrims/Customs Midwest
  3. I have an octogon sitting in my fileshare along with a gametype for it. GT: bunniesz23
  4. If I have to play Pit TS for yet another Halo game...
  5. I've just been using the settings from the HCS playlist.
  6. Good. I have no idea why no one at Bungie/343 hates static weapon spawns but they are pretty important for this to be a successful competitive title. Should be a built in option at least IMO.
  7. Well obviously Fristzer, TaK, and Solo iiix are just some randoms. No one want's to play random maps by random people. /s
  8. This is a popular idea for the pit. Unfortunately, I think it would cause more problems than it solves. Opening up Sword, even if it's raised, creates a virtual no-man's land there (where before, it was one of the safest ways to cross the map). The other ways I've seen suggested are: create another route across the middle that runs underneath green, OR alter green/long in such a way that creates a power position greater than sword/snipe (this has the added benefit of blocking the 2nd br to opponents needles LOS that makes pushing long hall much more difficult). Since the "basement" idea is incredibly popular (with good reason) and has already been done to a degree, I'll take a stab at the "Camo tower" idea. This is the general layout of Camo/long/dark hall. As you can see, you can pretty much lock down both entrances to long hall by sitting on needle ramp with a sniper. This makes pushing through long hall incredibly risky if you know the other team has snipe. Also, even though it is one of the highest points on the map, it has extremely poor lines of sight to the rest of the map. I'm going to change a few things to make this hallway behave like a power position. First I added a ramp from needle wall to long hall, raising the elevation of long hall, forcing players to use a jump shortcut to go from 2nd to camo, and blocking the problematic line of sight I discussed earlier. Second I increased the size of the hallway itself (it's more like a platform now), this made our new ramp flow a little better into camo, opened up the lines of sight from our new tower to the rest of the map, and will make it a little easier to avoid grenades. Finally, I adjusted needle ramp a little to make it flow better with the new changes. It's not perfect, for example one could argue that camo is no a bit too spacious, but it fixes a big problem spot and creates a nice power position without the need to alter the rest of the map. PS: Yes the pics are shitty phone pics, deal with it :p
  9. Pretty much every forge map that's been mentioned is on my filshare. You won't regret getting some games on them. Please don't miss out on good maps because you had never heard of or played them before.
  10. For the record, KC pushed for the addition of Halcyon and Hexogen in v8. Anakin shot them down solely because they didn't want to throw in two new maps at the end of the games lifespan (not at all unlike what happened when they initially rejected No Bloom in Reach). Were the decision made based solely on gameplay, those changes would have happened in v8. The unfortunate reality is that this community will always resist changes from what they are used to, no matter how positive those changes might be.
  11. Team Slayer Amplified -> Pipeline Construct Heretic Narrows -> Hexogen The Pit -> Halcyon Multi Flag Heretic Narrows Onslaught -> Hexogen The Pit Team King Construct Oddball Guardian -> Chromatic Ball/Koth or Halcyon KOTH Reasons: - Amplified TS and Heretic TS are redundant (not saying they play the same, but they are the same style of map), only one 2-base arena TS is needed. Seeing as Heretic is the non-forge map, it gets the nod. Pipeline TS is a style of gameplay that was noticeably absent from H3. Room based maps require a different mindset that would otherwise be absent, and Pipeline is the best available. - Narrows TS plays like a game of conquest. It's push-pull dynamic simplifies Halo into a game of target practice with essentially two possible routes to get flanked from. Halcyon has an extra route across, as well as a fourth power item to encourage movement, but still retains the linear style of slayer that separated Narrows from the other TS maps. - The Pit is not a TS map. As the two power positions are on opposite sides of the map, it is advantageous for both teams to sit and do nothing unless they have the advantage of Rockets or OS. Halcyon retains a bit of the base vs base dynamic, but places much more emphasis on controlling a central power position (it's also quite possibly the best map in Halo 3). - As with Amp TS, Onslaught and Heretic occupy the same general role in the settings. Hexogen plays a similar style of CTF to Ons (heavy emphasis on controlling spawns) but its greater size allows for a few power items which in turn make the decision making much less straightforward and formulaic and more situational. - I would rather keep Ball, but Gaurdian, Heretic, Lockdown, and Lockout all suffer from the same spawn issues. Spawns on these small oddball maps are entirely too easy to predict due to the strong influence the ball has on spawning, and larger maps don't work because it's too easy to lock down a setup. Cynosure has much better spawns and plays Oddball terrifically, but unfortunately play balls don't work in the skybox. This leaves us with removing ball or using a different style of oddball than we are used to. Room based maps have been shown to play oddball quite well without necessarily needing the ability to play ball, and their less open nature makes spawns less of an issue. Chromatic and Pipeline both do well in this regard, but Pipeline might still be too small and open. If ball was to be removed entirely, then Chromatic KOTH and Halcyon KOTH would both make viable replacements and would preserve the general 5-TS/4-CTF/2-Timed format that was very popular. If I was in charge, that would happen. I'm still uncertain if Construct TS should stay, as the Camo change did help quite a bit, but it was still incredibly slow. Also it's a bit redundant when Halcyon is thrown into the mix as they are both vertical maps with an emphasis on top control. If Citadel could be made to work, then that would be a viable replacement (it's definitely an option to consider). Another option would be Pharoah if we wanted something that could provide similar play to the Pit without the standoffs. I tried to keep my reasoning short and sweet, but alas I ended up writing a wall anyway.
  12. bunniesz23

    NBA Thread

    WWE being on the left is a bit surprising. NBA is definitely far-left. For example: revenue sharing and 75k fines for saying "No homo".
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