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  1. I don’t have a clue what he’s hinting at. Is he talking about quit rate? Final Scores? Accurate expected outcomes?


    The most ‘appalling’ map is overgrowth, so I can only assume the data has something good to say about it.


    He's looking at quit rates and expected outcomes mostly. I'm going to guess Overgrowth looks good right now because everyone is still learning Oddball on all these maps, and Overgrowth is the most straightforward and most gun-skill reliant.

  2. Didn't they literally do that in the testing playlist, then revert those changes and just add randomness instead? lmfao.


    They did spread plus magnetism nerfs in the test, then rolled back the magnetism changes in favor of an 8% RRR reduction. They are using magnetism to make guns with spread still feel consistent while in red reticle ala H2. GF had a lot of spread added as well.


    Basically I wouldn't want to use any precision weapon that was changed in the update in competitive settings and that doesn't bode well for the future direction of Halo.

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  3. With that said, I think it's still going to be BR starts lmfao


    @@Igs cubanex you're confusing people saying they "don't care what it is" as being for it.


    TBH, as long as you guys are vocal about why you prefer Magnum starts I think it will give 343 a better idea of what competitive players want in a starting weapon. Hopefully a second patch can come out incorporating the new feedback, but at the very least they'll have a better understanding going into the next game.

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  4. I know this isn’t the popular opinion here, but the Pistol is extremely easy to use, and the magnetism is insane. I’ll gladly take a more difficult to use BR that isn’t even random like people claim over a weapon that gifts you perfect kills.


    I just think people aren’t used to having to keep the BR reticle on target as long as you have to now since the update. If the middle of your reticle isn’t on the enemy when each bullets comes out of the gun, you will not be gifted 3 hit markers. I’m tired of people claiming randomness when I’m reality they are just missing.


    After this discussion I did some independent testing and found that unscoped at the max distance in the AHP Octagon the BR has 91% accuracy. Unscoped, the magnetism is way lower and the spread definitely matters at common engagement ranges. It's debatable that the BR is a better starting weapon in spite of this (I tend to agree, though I'd like to still see the spread removed), but backing your argument up with partial evidence and "they probably just can't aim" isn't good enough.

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  5. Imagine  if Halo didnt go to shit after 3, and all these players & Esports personalities  who grew up loving CE H2 & H3 actually stayed with Halo.


    Halo has gotten slowly worse as far as competitive viability over time until the trend reversed starting with H2A. H2 is a possible exception to this since it did a lot of things better than H1, namely 4s, FFA, and its mechanical skill ceiling. I can only hope 343 can parse the feedback asking for a classic Halo game correctly and we don't end up with H6: The Return of Massive Spread and Floaty/Slippery Movment. There are things that modern Halo games do better and I can already see 343 going back on some of these things in the name of a more "classic" feel.


    As much as I like having the movement skill gap that advanced movement provides, I'd love to see a Halo resurgence like CoD is going through right now, and if things like Sprint/Charge/Slide/Ground Pound/Clamber have to go for that to happen, I'm on board. I still kinda hope we can keep thrust or at least stabilize, though.

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  6. Well, if you're playing Arena, I guess. But the most "ambitious" addition to Halo multiplayer ever, Warzone, which was the primary casual experience for the game and completely built around a micro-transaction system, absolutely puts new players at a massive disadvantage. And even once you DO unlock your DMR at SR 100+ or whatever the average for that was, it still ruins the game mode because in order for REQs to incentivize blowing your money on them, they have to be completely overpowered and brain dead. They have to dominate the game (which happens at REQ level 4 every game). And, to the shock of all, 343 increased the REQ leveling speed after launch for both WZ and WZA to ensure that precision gunfights are even less relevant and REQs are consumed even more quickly.


    Meh, I've always played WZA as a warmup playlist and I have a decent KD/Win rate using the standard Pistol for about 40% of my kills and selling my REQs more often than not. The introduction of Wasps at 4 was the first thing that really started to annoy me as someone playing as essentially a SR 1 player, but by then I had so many REQ points saved up it was easy to stockpile a bunch of plasma pistols and start upgrading to the BR with bonus vehicle damage.

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  7. My opinion on DLC/Microtransactions has now become that they should be treated similarly to going to the cinema to watch a movie.


    Regardless of what ticket you buy, or whether you buy anything from the concession stand you're still going to see the movie. Luxury seating and food/drinks may increase your overall experience but if you don't buy them it won't detract from the sole purpose of you being there.


    There's obviously more to it and its not the best analogy but it's how I'm thinking about it at the moment.


    I think this is a good viewpoint for games like H5 where most of the paid content can be reasonably unlocked for free and doesn't have a gigantic impact on the fun you'll have playing the game.


    The analogy falls apart with games like BF2 where it really is a $60 game that is designed like a f2p one. If you only give EA $60, you are content for people purchasing unlocks.

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  8. my biggest concern with the BR is ive done an hour a day of octagon with the pistol for a long ass time, selfish reasons but ive practiced so much with the pistol i want it to stay


    And by all means, reduce the RRR and/or the magnetism of the pistol if that's what it takes. It's not like 343 is only allowed to do one tuning update (some things definitely could use a second pass after this tuning update), and the pistol feels really good in H5.


    In fact I would love if they made the pistol more skillful (Won't say "harder" because if the BR changes are any indication, 343 translates that to "weaker")

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  9. The current BR is worth at least testing. I at no point said we should have BR starts, all I said is that we should consider the possibility. Let the pros have at it and leave the decision to them, as they know the game better than anyone else posting on these forums. 


    I take issue with this. Test it sure, but giving pros too much direct influence on settings is why we had 5 gametypes on Heretic or Midship successors and Construct/Pit TS at the tail end of H3. Pros know more than most, but they aren't infallible.


    Edit: and before anyone says there weren't better options, Halcyon, Cynosure, and Pipeline are better than any of the original forge maps we've used in competitive settings, IMO.

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  10. Camo is way too OP; specifically, camo re-cloaks too quickly when the wearer is under fire.


    The change to Camo was absolutely necessary since 1X players are going to be playing on true 1080p/4k depending on the monitor. It might actually be easier to spot camo post-patch on a 4k setup than pre-patch.

  11. 1. Ogre 2
    2. Walshy
    3. Ogre 1
    4. Pistola
    5. Snip3down
    6. Lethul
    7. Roy
    8. Lunchbox
    9. Snakebite

    10. Royal 2


    IMO Ogre 1/Walshy is 2a/2b. Ola/Snipedown is similar with Snipedown having more wins but Ola having higher quality wins with half of his being in H3/Reach MLG events. Roybox is also super close, do you value Roy's 1 extra AGL win over Lunchbox being pretty much unanimously the overall best player in H2A? That's a tough one but my heart says LBX. I'm also really curious where guys like Frosty/Saiyan/KillerN/Formal would fall if they had anywhere near the career length as some of the guys on that list.

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  12. Splatoon is handles amazingly well, once you get the hang of it. You have to Develop the muscle memory recognize when to use gyro for fine adjustments and quick turns, and when to use the sticks to assist.


    I haven’t used the steam controller, but There is plenty of footage of people doing well without aim assist. Much better than what’s possible with a standard controller.


    I refuse to play a competitive console shooter with gyro controls unless the open bracket chairs allow 360 degree turning. My ass was spinning and winning on Zelda in my office chair.

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  13. I don't think the BR is a "better" primary than the Magnum and i'd prefer a Magnum rework, but I will say that playing with the BR/Gunfighter was the first time I've had fun on H5 in a while. It was super refreshing to not get perfected basically every time and to not get cross-mapped as often.


    I really don't want to support BR/Gunfighter starts as it currently stands. I don't like the inconsistency the patch introduced to these weapons and I especially don't like the way they handled the BR (Adding spread and increasing magnetism brings us closer to the H2 BR than I'm comfortable with). Maybe reduce RRR and unscoped magnetism on the Magnum to alleviate the cross-mapping and ease of use without introducing randomness. GF Magnum for the flag is something I think I do support though I haven't gotten to play around with it.

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