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  1. I think everyone has just given up on the idea of removing slayers. Too many people out there have alternating TS and OBJ ingrained in there minds as "being Halo". I feel like I'd take Empire SH over Fathom as a player, but even if they are tied for the worst OBJ Fathom has to take the worst to watch crown by a mile. Literally the first OBJ map I can think of that can rival slow-paced TS maps with its sleep-inducing capabilities.
  2. This. So much this. Spend 5 minutes babying a flag standoff just to end up with a double return because the timing has to be perfect to push in without leaving room for the other team to OE and trade it off.
  3. I pretty much agree with all of this. 4sk magnum with the same perfect kill time and the same body shots to kill as now is something I've wanted for a while. It's technically a slight nerf, but gives the benefit of rewarding proper thrust timing a little more. I'd be ok with lowering the unscoped magnetism on sniper to H3 levels or removing it entirely, but I don't think it's absolutely necessary unless we go back to 2 spare clips (In which case I'm all for it). Nade Launcher needs a lot of work, but if it get's fixed I'd love to see it used over Caster. It provides a timing skill requirement that you basically don't see anywhere else in Halo and I'm all for it. Stasis is at this point a lost cause, IMO. Without overhauling the geometry of the map it's not going to play well, and I really doubt we'll see something like that happening. Oddball I'm sure will be tested, and I imagine it will be a lot better with the spawn changes, but we'll have to wait and see if it holds up. Bomb I think requires similar adjustments to really work, and I don't think it's going to get that attention (regrettable considering how good it can be if it's properly tuned) As far as forge maps go, I'd love to see CTF on this get tested: https://www.forgehub.com/maps/russet.6203/ I've been trying to get some games on this since it came out, but I think it has a lot of potential. And yeah I think it's a pretty clear cut issue that the competitive settings should be used in arena. Maybe along side 3 or 4 new maps/gametypes that could potentially get used. The playlist is a pretty good testing ground despite the fact that the past few times, the maps/gametypes being tested haven't been good.
  4. That's kinda how I feel as well. Even if I put myself in the mindset of, "Sprint is inherently bad. Slower more methodical gameplay is better" I still think Thrust and Stabilize add more than they take away. I like Slide as well, but it's pretty well tied to sprint.
  5. TBH I think it's just team games. I have a lot of friends with fighting game backgrounds who dabbled in H5 competitively and it was ultimately the stress of finding teams, inevitably getting dropped or having the team breakup, and then starting over from square one that pushed them out of it. You have to have quite a bit of confidence in yourself to not see losing a team as a sign that you aren't good enough.
  6. I understand the brackets have favored them a fair bit, but Kaiss's team has been top-8 every week. I feel like they should be included in any list of notable teams.
  7. IMO voting in Reach helped with this immensely. Gametypes that were similar enough to have a significant overlap in players who liked them could be grouped into one social playlist. For example Swat/Snipers/Social Slayer could occupy the three different voting slots in a Quick-play style playlist. You'd still want to keep ranked playlists pretty much the way they are (Or at the most allow 1 veto to help with broken gametypes that haven't been taken out yet) since players shouldn't really be able to just dodge maps/gametypes they aren't good at.
  8. IMO it was just too easy. If you had to thrust-slide-jump all with 1 frame in between, it would be like spring jumping where you can reasonably assume most players wont be doing it consistently.
  9. That's spectator mode. Hit detection in H5 is client side(at least for hitscan weapons), but spectator mode shows the server version of events. This likely just means that Batchford is playing with a noticeable delay. The sniper after they updated the unscoped magnetism isn't the super forgiving no-scope machine it once was.
  10. I'm not a pro, but it's easy to tell why Oddball doesn't work. The Ball has little to no extra spawn influence. If your team has the ball Red Bubble on Truth for example, the other team can spawn in Red flag. This creates a ton of extra chaos and makes it significantly harder to defend. Traditionally, the defending team has the added advantage of forcing more predictable spawns for their opponent to balance the fact that they are playing 3v4.
  11. Zach and Hoaxer were at HRX last weekend, and they were running their website for that event.
  12. Yes, you can do this for all the backwards compatible Halo titles.
  13. For H6 I'd be ok if we had BR/Magnum starts for the most part. As long as the BR isn't too much easier/stronger than the Magnum and the kill times of each match up well with its ease of use.
  14. This is the most activity I've seen on Halo Am twitter since the run up to worlds the first time around.
  15. I can't believe how relevant the new episode of Extra Credits is to Halo (Even though I'm sure it's more focused on Star Wars/EA)
  16. IMO Rank resets should coincide with the hcs seasons in an ideal world.
  17. Yeah I have a hard time noticing a difference sometimes. Every once in a while someone will survive a splinter, but it's not near enough to actually make people use it for AoD. It's still just an easier plasma nade in 90% of situations.
  18. For the record I haven't felt like I had heavy aim since the patch for it at the end of the summer. If the precision weapon changes get rolled back and we have pistol starts, the game will be in a better state than when you played last. Not that I'm holding out hope for that.
  19. H2A and H5 are pretty even to me. H2A had momentum melees and weapon melee weights, both things I really like, and despite the lack of content we still had a decent map/gametype rotation (Even if Shrine Bomb/Warlord KOTH weren't the best). It also had IMO the best aiming system out of any Halo game. But on the downside it had dynamic weapon timers and pretty easy to use weapons H5 has a pretty wide movement skill gap and the pistol is nice even though the rest of the sandbox is too easy. Also static weapon timers, a better map pool (Even though none of the individual maps besides maybe Truth are as good as the H2A maps) and IMO a better ranking system.
  20. Eden doesn't play as well as I'd hoped. Takes too long to get across the map with any degree of safety. Imagine Lockout if bottom mid was wide open.
  21. Hangar 9 is one I made. I like TS and Oddball on it, but I worry it could be too small. https://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/games/halo-5-guardians/xbox-one/map-variants?lastModifiedFilter=Everything&sortOrder=BookmarkCount&page=1&gamertag=Bunnies%20Waddles#ugc_halo-5-guardians_xbox-one_mapvariant_Bunnies%20Waddles_4b7f18d1-caac-4fee-a604-d1ec25fe67cb
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