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  1. On 12/15/2019 at 5:37 AM, Mythik Nick said:

    Why should players be rewarded for being off target, especially in the context of a "competitive" environment that's supposed to be highly skill-based?

    KB/M gets the same aim assist. That's why people who have never played shooters with a mouse in their lives are saying it's easier to snipe on it vs controller.

    Magnetism is different, and should probably be nerfed, but to a point where it's balanced based off actual data not nerfed into the ground so our entire competitive community gets wiped out overnight.

    The data is gonna be skewed in favor of over-nerfing since you have controller players who have years of exp on Reach and several times that playing other Halo games, but a huge chunk of players still are all for that.

  2. I wouldn't worry about finding Ball maps unless/until Ball gets fixed. Literally no competitive player wants to play Ball in it's current state in Reach. People didn't design maps for it because the gametype is busted.


    If it was up to me I'd cut most TS gametypes and have tons of forge maps, but you have to remember who we're working with here and who the target audience is. The number one complaint about the Reach circuit is still "forge maps are grey therefore bad". In 2011 people were unironically asking for all forge maps to be removed and having shit like Reflection, Hang Em and Priz added.

    If the target audience is players. They'd rather play forge maps than Reflection, Hang Em, Priz, or Penance for that matter (also in 2011 every forge map had some degree of framerate problems). Put forward the best settings possible and the select few who hate forge maps because they are monotone will get over it.

    If the target audience is viewers, good luck trying to guess what they want. Just know people aren't going on Twitch and watching tournaments for games or settings they don't like

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  3. 8 minutes ago, Warlord Wossman said:

    I agree with no additional remakes, but I am not sure why A9 is such a big topic still. Even if the space area was normal gravity the map just doesn't have a good layout and Pit would probably be way better for CTF which would be A9's strongest gametype while Bomb would just be broken on it.

    Just remember how the bases look on that map, there is no way you can magically make the map work for Bomb with a few ramps or bridges, we would have to cut the bases into pieces and redesign them to even think about Bomb.

    Pretty sure on paper Zealot is the strongest Bomb map in our hands, it makes the closed side of the map more useful, the grenade launcher is better if you have to push into their base and defend it and most spawns have good potential to contest the bomb - even the basement spawns have the potential to jump right up to the flag area.

    Pretty much this. I will say though, that Warlock was played in comp settings in Reach and Warlord Bomb was considered by several pros to be the best gametype in H2A. Only thing really holding it back in Reach was the teleporters and that seems like the type of thing 343 might fix considering it would be helpful for forge in general.

    Also I've talked to some comp players that competed in Reach, and there's a lot of resistance to Ball because of how far it rolls, iirc that was why it wasn't used in v7. Hoping that can be adjusted so we can have Element/Android/Zealot/Warlord Ball as options (we'd probably only use one of those, though) and we can try to dig for a good setup-style ball map to go with it.

  4. A couple things from skimming this thread:

    14 gametypes seems reasonable, but you definitely shouldn't force iffy maps/gametypes just to hit that mark. A repeat gametype or two in Bo7s is fine.

    Slayer kinda sucks in every game, but NBNS Reach really puts a magnifying glass on its problems with probably the most limited movement in the series and the DMR which can completely lock down routes from across the map. If we could cut the number of slayers in a series down to 1 in a Bo5 and 1-2 in a Bo7 that would be amazing, but obviously it's tough to hit 14 gametypes with 4 slayers or less.

    Sanc Bomb was the worst OBJ in H2A (Which tbh did Bomb pretty perfectly) and IMO the problems it had would only be worse in Reach. Nades are stronger, the DMR melts, and the MLG Sanc remake has noticeably more open site-lines. Using a better remake would address some of these problems, but I'd be happy if I never had to play Sanc bomb for money again.

    I'm pretty sure I've talked to more people that liked Overgrowth in H5 than liked competing on Penance. Dammy doesn't seem to work without either small team sizes, or nading weapons, or both. And I don't think the extra lifts really help much either unfortunately.

    If we're lucky, some of the forge updates will include teleporter fixes so we can use Warlock again. That maps was wasted on Bloom + Sprint Reach.

    My suggestion would be:
    For sure:
    Sanc CTF
    Pit CTF
    Zealot CTF
    Countdown CTF
    Nexus KOTH

    Sanc TS (Ideally with dynamic spawns)
    Zealot TS
    Countdown TS
    Element TS
    Warlock TS
    Retroactive CTF
    Warlock CTF
    Zealot Bomb
    Warlock Bomb

    Pls No:
    Sanc Bomb
    Pit TS

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  5. 18 hours ago, Knighty Knight said:

    That team was already a contender. It was Zurka & Fantazys first major 4V4 LAN.

    Now they could probably push Tox to the limit.

    Seems like this was the most likely move. Fantasy played really well in the 2v2 at ATL and Gab and Goofy have obviously proven themselves on LAN multiple times before. If one of your players is a LAN question mark and Eco becomes a F/A you definitely want to make that move.

    And on Eco's side you know that Goofy and the ATL 2v2 champs have no intention of placing outside of the top 3 again and you get to be that missing piece.

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  6. No, i dont mean the acceleration and deadzone stuff.  In the last MCC update they said they are looking at integrating the H4/H2A aiming system into every title as a toggleable option in a future update.  I think those have some of best aiming feel of any console shooters.  If they do that, i might be able to play Halo 3 and actually look around comfortably for the first time ever!


    It's come to my attention that the vast majority of players somehow don't even realize H3's aiming is different. And you can't say anything to that group of people.


    Don't like the aiming? Lead your shots.

    BR spread? Lead your shots.

    Bad hit registrations? Lead your shots.

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  7. I think it depends on how hard some of the newer players try to listen and learn from other pro players who already knew/know how to play H3. There were a few different meta games through H3 before people really figured it out


    I think it's easy to forget how much stuff transfers over across the series, and how tough competition actually was in H5. There's only a few that I think would have a hard time letting someone wing them, and I most of them aren't going back to H3.


    I mean you say that, but Roy/FlameSword got second at the H3 2v2. Sure it's not "OG H3" but MCC isn't "OG CE" either and I'd still bet my entire life savings on the Ogre twins in a CE 2v2 event. 


    Roy and Flame's team and Neighbor and Bestman's team are the two old teams that I expect to do well precisely because those guys have already been back for a few months. One month is not a lot of time when the top h5 players have for the most part been competing in Halo for the last 4 years straight (longer for the AGL crowd) and they weren't allowed to play in the 2v2.


    Edit: I'm pretty sure at the very least the Ogres would admit to needing more than a months practice to beat the Beach LAN types. Ogre 2 is still a top 4 CE player, but I don't think anyone in the CE scene would put Ogre 1 up there.

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  8. I'm surprised nobody brought this up.  This is from the last MCC  update:



    idk about you all but aiming like Halo 4 or H2A would make Halo 3 feel soooo much better.  



    I mean, they would still keep it projectile so you would still have to lead.  Hell they could keep the average spread values if they want, just make them consistent and not totally random. They could shape the 3 bullets like this ^.  If would retain the overall feel of H3 but get rid of the randomness.


    If they're changing things like aiming, there's no reason they can't just delete the spread from the BR. The game is still gonna be super inconsistent online, but at least with aiming fixes and no spread it will be a lot less so.

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  9. Pro league was great. Having weekly Halo content is part of what kept H5 going as long as it has. Segregating top teams from AMs and strict but exploitable roster rules, combined with lack of open LANs and online qualifiers for everything made a ton of players stop playing. The 2k system is better for AM players but much worse for casual fans. In the future it would be nice to have the best of both. Just have one day of pro matches in addition to the 2k every week.

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  10. I'd give a slight edge to H2 but I voted that they even out.


    H2: Probably the most mechanically intensive Halo game (or a close 2nd to H5) and had some really cool things like momentum melees to complement that. Best maps in the series IMO. Had some detractors like static weapon spawns and questionable spawns at times.


    H3: The only game that competes with H1 in the aiming skill department, even if some of that is lost due to spread and hit detection issues. Pioneered the static weapons and dynamic power-ups system that most players have come to prefer. Good but not great maps, but they complemented the gameplay fairly well outside of a few slayers. Insta-splodes helped make up for the comparably weak individual.

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  11. Refuge is too tall and too wide for Halo 5. They didn't need to make such a drastic expansion of Sanc to make it fit in this game. I'm 100% positive that Fathom is actually smaller than Refuge, and the new Flag settings they made specifically for Refuge would work three times better in Fathom.


    The issue with making maps fit for Halo 5 isn't even that hard to solve either. More vertical than horizontal expansion is all you really need to fit a map in the game, but all three Forge additions don't have this idea integrated into their design, and it shows. Long sightlines that far exceed the Magnum's Red Reticle Range, crazy open spaces that a Sprint Thrust Slide could only traverse, and the constant, fucking, jungle gym bullshit they put into a map so you have to clamber every ledge like a ******** monkey, is teetering over the borderline of asinine design choices.


    In summary, Sanc needs a resize, Fathom needs to replace Empire.


    I agree that a slightly smaller Sanc would be nice. Pretty much just have to drag the hut closer to the center of the map and then use that as a reference for the rest of the base. Fathom hasn't really been good since the first season, and Empire SH has become one of the better objs since autos were removed. If anything should come back it's Regret TS in place of Fissure or Eden Ball to get the gametypes even again.

  12. While I agree wholeheartedly that Slayer needs to be looked at as a whole, what do we replace it with?  We don't have a round based mode like SnD because they removed breakout (although I suppose you could tweak it and attempt to bring it back).  So is CTF the new final map mode?  Then all of a sudden Ball/Strongholds becomes a hell of a lot more important.


    Like I said, I wouldn't mind seeing it gone, but there needs to be a plan in place if it were to be removed. 


    It's probably too late in H5 to do anything about TS, but in H6 I'd like to see it cut down to 2-3 TS maps and only use them for last game of a series (Or remove them completely and use Strongholds for that role). IMO Halo has bomb, ball, CTF, KOTH, Strongholds, and Extraction all as viable gametypes (provided they get the attention of a full gametype and not a tacked on DLC). It just depends on what style of Halo we have. Classic Halo we can use more Ball/KOTH/CTF/Bomb to fill the gaps, Modern Halo we can use more CTF/Extraction/Strongholds.

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  13. Fathom flag is better than every slayer and Empire SH but yea let's remove it lmao.


    I think everyone has just given up on the idea of removing slayers. Too many people out there have alternating TS and OBJ ingrained in there minds as "being Halo".


    I feel like I'd take Empire SH over Fathom as a player, but even if they are tied for the worst OBJ Fathom has to take the worst to watch crown by a mile. Literally the first OBJ map I can think of that can rival slow-paced TS maps with its sleep-inducing capabilities.

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