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  1. Seems like this was the most likely move. Fantasy played really well in the 2v2 at ATL and Gab and Goofy have obviously proven themselves on LAN multiple times before. If one of your players is a LAN question mark and Eco becomes a F/A you definitely want to make that move. And on Eco's side you know that Goofy and the ATL 2v2 champs have no intention of placing outside of the top 3 again and you get to be that missing piece.
  2. TBH Denial is probably the only team outside of Tox that wouldn't improve with Eco (at least if everyone plays like they did at STL). Aries might have been the best player in the venue in that first Grand Finals series, so I don't think he's at much risk of losing his spot. Should be interesting to say the least.
  3. It's come to my attention that the vast majority of players somehow don't even realize H3's aiming is different. And you can't say anything to that group of people. Don't like the aiming? Lead your shots. BR spread? Lead your shots. Bad hit registrations? Lead your shots.
  4. I think it's easy to forget how much stuff transfers over across the series, and how tough competition actually was in H5. There's only a few that I think would have a hard time letting someone wing them, and I most of them aren't going back to H3. Roy and Flame's team and Neighbor and Bestman's team are the two old teams that I expect to do well precisely because those guys have already been back for a few months. One month is not a lot of time when the top h5 players have for the most part been competing in Halo for the last 4 years straight (longer for the AGL crowd) and they weren't allowed to play in the 2v2. Edit: I'm pretty sure at the very least the Ogres would admit to needing more than a months practice to beat the Beach LAN types. Ogre 2 is still a top 4 CE player, but I don't think anyone in the CE scene would put Ogre 1 up there.
  5. Prediction: A H5 team will win the event, and only 1 or 2 of the coming out of retirement squads will place well. A month is not a lot of time when you consider that MCC H3 is not OG H3, and some of these H5/H2A kids have nasty shots and are fast learners.
  6. If they're changing things like aiming, there's no reason they can't just delete the spread from the BR. The game is still gonna be super inconsistent online, but at least with aiming fixes and no spread it will be a lot less so.
  7. L8 but Halcyon is IMO the best map in H3. On casters: Legion and Joe Fries should only ever cast side events. They didn't even bother figuring out how to change POVs last time.
  8. I can only imagine the heavy aim playing H5 on a phone and streamed from the cloud.
  9. Pro league was great. Having weekly Halo content is part of what kept H5 going as long as it has. Segregating top teams from AMs and strict but exploitable roster rules, combined with lack of open LANs and online qualifiers for everything made a ton of players stop playing. The 2k system is better for AM players but much worse for casual fans. In the future it would be nice to have the best of both. Just have one day of pro matches in addition to the 2k every week.
  10. I'd give a slight edge to H2 but I voted that they even out. H2: Probably the most mechanically intensive Halo game (or a close 2nd to H5) and had some really cool things like momentum melees to complement that. Best maps in the series IMO. Had some detractors like static weapon spawns and questionable spawns at times. H3: The only game that competes with H1 in the aiming skill department, even if some of that is lost due to spread and hit detection issues. Pioneered the static weapons and dynamic power-ups system that most players have come to prefer. Good but not great maps, but they complemented the gameplay fairly well outside of a few slayers. Insta-splodes helped make up for the comparably weak individual.
  11. I think it's pretty fair to call Fortnite the H3 of this decade. H3 had a massive impact on growing esports and was also a huge presence outside of hardcore players. Yeah Fortnite is bigger, but it is having a similar impact on the esports landscape and the video game industry as a whole. The only downside is that it kinda normalizes a complete lack of competition-friendly features, but that also goes to show if you make a game people like and can find a way to compete in, they'll figure out how. OT: As much as I like watching Splyce I'm really hoping Tox/Rec/RNG can take London. As a fellow competitor I really hate their approach to practice and I'd like to see them take an L to maybe motivate them a little more for ATL.
  12. I agree that a slightly smaller Sanc would be nice. Pretty much just have to drag the hut closer to the center of the map and then use that as a reference for the rest of the base. Fathom hasn't really been good since the first season, and Empire SH has become one of the better objs since autos were removed. If anything should come back it's Regret TS in place of Fissure or Eden Ball to get the gametypes even again.
  13. It's just individual points added up. Here is the PP leaderboard: http://gamebattles.majorleaguegaming.com/xboxone/halo-5-guardians/pro-points
  14. They'll drop to the 12 seed, provided no one below that mark picks up Rammy and passes them. *11 seed
  15. For H5 it's probably either Southpaw or Fishsticks as weird as that sounds. Having jump and Crouch on face buttons makes spring jumps dumb easy. Without it's probably Bump Jump or Helljumper.

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