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  1. For sure. The Walshy/Golden Boy & T2/Elamite casting duos make the games so much more enjoyable
  2. I'm not gonna lie, as obnoxious as the T2 is in jail joke can be sometimes on twitch, it never fails to make me smirk.
  3. Good line up for the analyst desk, barvo killing it as usual
  4. Did Oxygen Supremacy choose not to play in the last online cup today?
  5. I think the worst part of it all is that if your just watching from home, the event has been flawless. The best production quality Halo has seen in a long time, little to no downtime, utterly fantastic game play, smooth as butter commentators, and gosh darn team/player rivalries.
  6. On paper Spartan Commonly and Suspector sound like a good team no matter the fourth, why can't they perform?
  7. 1. NV 2. Liquid 3. Optic 4. Splyce 5. ALG, 6. Str8 7. Pnda 8. LG 9. 3sUP
  8. Needless to say the NA cup this saturday is going to be crazy! Hope EG can pull through
  9. El Town and Victory X should never be on the same team. There both fantastic players but on the same team....not so sure
  10. Where does it look like Rammy will end up after all is said and done?
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