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  1. Its hard to say so far but they did win a Sanc bomb game so things are looking up
  2. Str8 Rippin is playing Fearless Gaming for their first match, this ought to be inteteresting
  3. Last night Naded said on his stream that they would announce their new roster in a couple days. What if it was SK?
  4. Great video! I always like watching them to catch up on any recent team changes or events. Looking forward to the next one
  5. I had no clue elevate was this strong. Regardless of the fact that this is probably Optics first scrim with APG this is really interesting and kind of surprising.
  6. Definitely, as well as some text saying who's playing next.
  7. The ads on twitch are constantly cutting off the commentators :/
  8. Just won against Rebellion 2-0, and Naded went on a 15 kill spree on Warlock TS
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