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  1. Noble just got a ton better, Predevonator instead of filthy is a major boost in my opinion.
  2. It makes sense, doesn't he live a couple minutes away from the new optic house?
  3. Liquid Vibe with Ace, Legit, Elamite, and Legend Pimps are about to play on stream *good post ^ *
  4. I really enjoyed watching the matches today, but only when the players weren't sprinting
  5. Wait isn't the PGL 10k tournament tonight aswell? Can teams at the UGC lan still compete in that? I'm confused
  6. Absolutely loving Randa's stream right now, the team chat is golden
  7. Contra who would you like, or are going to team with in season 2?
  8. Could I join the TB chat as well? Sounds like a blast WoopeyDoDa
  9. They definitely do, but not to the extent of what happened earlier.
  10. With or without the team change they would have lost anyways with the amount of practice they put in.
  11. Great strats by Velocity, very unfortunate ending however
  12. This schedule was posted on Feb 4th so might be different from what plays out today Sunday 10:00 AM Tournament begins 11:20 AM LB Round 5 & WB Round 5 End Slayer, Oddball, Slayer, KotH, Slayer 1 1 hr & 20 minutes 1 hr & 20 minutes 11:30 AM Break for Day 2 Keynote Break 12:00 PM Resume Tournament Resume 1:30 PM LB Round 6 & WB Round 6 End Flag, Slayer, Oddball, Slayer, KotH 1 1 hr & 30 minutes 1 hr & 30 minutes 3:00 PM LB Round 7 Ends Slayer, Bomb, Slayer, Oddball, Slayer 1 1 hr & 37 minutes 1 hr & 37 minutes 4:30 PM LB Round 8 Ends Flag, Slayer, KotH, Slayer, Oddball 1 1 hr & 30 minutes 1 hr & 30 minutes 6:00 PM LB Round 9 Ends Slayer, Bomb, Slayer, Oddball, Slayer 1 1 hr & 37 minutes 1 hr & 37 minutes ~8:30 PM Finals End Flag, Slayer, KotH, Slayer, Oddball, Slayer, Bomb, Slayer 1 2 hrs & 30 minutes 2 hrs & 30 minutes Repeat until complete^ Total Day 2 Time = 10 hrs & 4 minutes
  13. Definitely! I just looked over the bracket and thought that. End Result is looking great and its so awesome that they made it out to Michigan.
  14. Whoa there's a GOW tourney? But anyways since Halo is hosting this event on their twitch page and will probably be tweeting it I have no doubt we see good viewer numbers
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