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  1. N.E.E.D. vs E6 is currently 8-5 in favor of N.E.E.D, sadly no one is streaming.
  2. Tom was far and above one of the best casters during the Pro league, I hope he will make a return in season 2.
  3. Totally, the only way I see Optic breaking into the pro league is if they have a slayer heavy fourth.
  4. Excited to see nV run games with Naded tonight Hopefully Mikwen streams again
  5. The Halo twitch rebroadcast is where I have been going lately, the Halo youtube channel only has the finals.
  6. As long as both Flamesword and Maniac are on the team Optic will never place top 8 in Halo 5. Sorry I don't be to rude but I think the competition is to high for them both to be on the same team.
  7. So does Allegiance get no games on stream tomorrow as well? Sorry if this a dumb question
  8. "King Baked" in the halo chat had me laughing hard for some reason
  9. Thanks for making it Eamonn, a lot easier to read than the gb bracket
  10. Dude T2 has been grinding the game every night the past 2 months. He's definitely not a god but he's good.
  11. Flames and maniac's callouts/voice/composure are embarrassingly bland and monotone compared to T2. Not sure if there just feeling down but man. Tom Taylor fanboy out.
  12. This tournament has been running fantastic all weekend man relax, and it definitely wasn't 10 minutes. :/
  13. Noble are scheduled to play the current winterfox lineup on the gamebattles ladder in a couple minutes.
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