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  1. im not part of a team or anything yet, i've never competed even though ive been playing halo since 2006. I just wanted to know, is it possible to compete in hcs atlanta for the finals if I find a team?
  2. why do you guys want the game to die? its not even a bad game.
  3. yo is there a post somewhere that goes really into depth about halo 5 mechanics? im talking like sensitivity optimization, spawn mechanics, weapon nading, pro jumps, non power weapon spawn times, glitches/hitbox explanations. I have the MCAT coming up, but if there's nothing like this out there, I was thinking about figuring this stuff out and making a pdf or something. really not trying to watch a million youtube videos starting with " whats up guys this is doodooface42 coming at you with a new halo 5 video...."
  4. dang its been 3 years since i posted on these forums. im 23 and going to med school. realized halo will never die because of fans like yall. praying 343 delivers a solid, complete release for all of us. things i want: - split screen -a competitive, no bs game -cool customization -a good campaign
  5. Optic Gaming is a fucking joke. Both in Cod and in Halo.
  6. I honestly do not give a flying fuck about Spartan Locke. Buck should have been the main character of team osiris.
  7. so far the hype is just meh. cant remember the last time I looked at a new halo game and thought, "wow thats super cool"
  8. no split screen wtf were you thinking 343. RIP 343. long live halo 1-3
  9. yes hcs has been cool and all, but are we getting people to go to the events? I don't want to just see pros, I want to see an open event with 100 teams. Whats the biggest hcs event with the most teams so far, and how many teams are going to be at this event? Someone with the numbers please help me out here
  10. dude if 343 takes out bomb because they don't know how to fix this, I'm going to be so fucking pissed.
  11. god how can you guys stomach competitive AR starts? just ew
  12. dude you can argue about whether it works a million times over but if you just think about how it feels, AR starts would be painful as fuck. its just like #teamorange when people were arguing for lightrifle starts in halo 4. like ok it is logically possible, but honestly, who the fuck wants to play lightrifle starts.
  13. dude I would fucking quit and not play halo 5 if AR starts were implemented into HCS. just no. pls stahp.
  14. is that a human colony? urban warfare?
  15. all i know is that halo is going to get absolutely demolished by cod once again come november lol. fuck halo 5 im going to be playing black ops.
  16. depends. on a map like lockout where teams just set up on sniper tower and br tower, and the game gets stagnate as fuck, I think a smoke grenade to start a push would be super cool. on fast paced symmetrical maps like warlord, I think smoke would ruin the pace of the game and just hinder high skill gameplay. In conclusion, in h5, where pretty much half the maps are fuckin midship remakes and variations, i think smoke grenades would be god awful. I think breakout smoke grenades would be pretty cool though.
  17. yo this is my thought process. whatever 343 learned about competitive halo, its clear that they are giving us something to work with. gunskill, no sprint option, hcs. I'm going to play the fucking game and be there rather than be left out of the equation. i think yall should too
  18. Super cool CGI of Halo technology. Basically a Transformers version of the Halo universe, with a whole bunch of shit moving and shooting and machinery and cool weapons. Also a film that fully recognizes the danger the human race is in at those time periods. One thing about Halo that is so cool to me is how humanity survives despite being confronted by enemies way stronger than it. It's a symbolic reference to how adaptable we are as a species. We LEARN, and SURVIVE. I would like a film that portrays humans uniting among all races, all religons, to survive. I want to see themes of Mortality, Unity, and Strength. Honestly Halo has so. much. fucking. potential. I honestly believe halo if produced correctly could inspire efforts in global peace, space exploration, and so much more, the same way i believe sci fi films like star trek and star wars influenced so many children to pursue STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) majors in college. I wish these FUCKING directors would stop making basic, fucking god awful things like halo: nightfall. I want to see Steven Spielberg or James Cameron make a Halo movie. And I really really would like a halo trilogy of films.
  19. holy shit 150k prize pool is insane. glad we got two awesome seasons for h2a.
  20. first thing i would do is poll the fuck out of the halo community. figure out what halo fans actually want. make polls work in game in mcc, halo waypoint, halo channel, youtube, reddit, beyond forums. fire a lot of people. seriously way too many people in charge of too many things overcomplicating halo multiplayer. 2 people essentially made h2 mp. too many people wanting to add their own bullshit weapon skins, loadouts, gameplay mechanics, armor abilities, btb maps, ordinance, fuck that shit. hire some smart people hat actually know how to make good arena gameplay and care about halo. make concentrated teams and have them workout some genius ideas. spend a large amount of time during a "brainstorming" period. really get my employees to learn everything halo is about. acquire a large base of knowledge by watching all mlg halo events, read all the classic halo books to learn about lore, analyze the first 3 halos and observe strengths/weaknesses of each game. develop/beta/release guarantee you this would make a killer halo game.

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