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  1. im not part of a team or anything yet, i've never competed even though ive been playing halo since 2006. I just wanted to know, is it possible to compete in hcs atlanta for the finals if I find a team?
  2. why do you guys want the game to die? its not even a bad game.
  3. yo is there a post somewhere that goes really into depth about halo 5 mechanics? im talking like sensitivity optimization, spawn mechanics, weapon nading, pro jumps, non power weapon spawn times, glitches/hitbox explanations. I have the MCAT coming up, but if there's nothing like this out there, I was thinking about figuring this stuff out and making a pdf or something. really not trying to watch a million youtube videos starting with " whats up guys this is doodooface42 coming at you with a new halo 5 video...."
  4. dang its been 3 years since i posted on these forums. im 23 and going to med school. realized halo will never die because of fans like yall. praying 343 delivers a solid, complete release for all of us. things i want: - split screen -a competitive, no bs game -cool customization -a good campaign
  5. Optic Gaming is a fucking joke. Both in Cod and in Halo.
  6. I honestly do not give a flying fuck about Spartan Locke. Buck should have been the main character of team osiris.
  7. so far the hype is just meh. cant remember the last time I looked at a new halo game and thought, "wow thats super cool"
  8. no split screen wtf were you thinking 343. RIP 343. long live halo 1-3
  9. yes hcs has been cool and all, but are we getting people to go to the events? I don't want to just see pros, I want to see an open event with 100 teams. Whats the biggest hcs event with the most teams so far, and how many teams are going to be at this event? Someone with the numbers please help me out here
  10. dude if 343 takes out bomb because they don't know how to fix this, I'm going to be so fucking pissed.
  11. god how can you guys stomach competitive AR starts? just ew
  12. dude you can argue about whether it works a million times over but if you just think about how it feels, AR starts would be painful as fuck. its just like #teamorange when people were arguing for lightrifle starts in halo 4. like ok it is logically possible, but honestly, who the fuck wants to play lightrifle starts.
  13. dude I would fucking quit and not play halo 5 if AR starts were implemented into HCS. just no. pls stahp.
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